No other manufacturer blends technological innovation, aesthetics and attention to detail quite like Lapierre. Established in 1946 by Gaston Lapierre, the French brand Lapierre has been at the forefront of mountain bike advancements since the early 1980s and was one of the first European brands to pioneer full suspension technology. After signing downhill legend Nicolas Vouilloz, winner of ten World Championships, Lapierre created a collection of freeride and downhill bikes to complete their range of performance mountain bikes. In 2007, Nicolas helped to develop two of the world's favourite trail bikes, the Zesty and Spicy. Featuring an all-new OST suspension system tailored to long travel bikes, these two bikes blended downhill and cross country styles. The Lapierre Zesty went on to become one of the UK's favourite trail bikes and in 2010 took the MTBR's Trail Bike of the Year award away from the long-standing winner, the Orange Five. This award-winning combination of dedication to technological advancements and real input from some of the World's best riders ensures every Lapierre is ready to hit the trails straight from the box. At Rutland Cycling we're big fans of technological improvements, which is why we offer a great range of Lapierre trail bikes, so you can choose the perfect bike to suit your needs and budget.
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