Christmas at Rutland Cycling
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Mountain bikes

Whether you’re exploring nature along woodland trails and streams, or hurtling down a mountainside at top speed, you’ll need a mountain bike that can keep going just as long as you can. We have more than 30 years’ experience of fitting the bike to the rider, whether you need a light and agile hardtail mountain bike for a race across country, or a heavy duty, full suspension machine that can soak up all the knocks and bumps of a hard haul downhill. Whatever level of off-road cycling you prefer, we can kit you out and prepare you for the best and the worst that the countryside has to offer.

Hardtail MTB or full suspension mountain bike?

We stock a wide selection of hardtail mountain bikes with hydraulic suspension on the front to soak up the knocks and bumps, while offering a traditional rear end for a more lightweight overall frame. Our selection of full suspension mountain bikes includes some of the toughest two-wheel machines anywhere on the planet – when you need to get fearless, they’ll back you up every step of the way, no matter how rough it gets.

Off-road skills and downhill thrills

If you’re just starting, or haven’t been on a bike in a while, we have a huge range of sturdy, reliable mountain bikes for sale that are ideal for getting your first taste of off-road thrills. We also have a range of women-specific MTBs, specially designed for female shape and size and if you’re a hardened downhiller, you can have your pick of the world’s best specialist brands, all at highly competitive prices with free professional advice from our staff – they’ve tried just about every bike there is, in all kinds of conditions.

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