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BMX bikes

For thrills, spills and edge-of-your-saddle excitement, there’s nothing like the heart-pounding adrenalin rush of BMX. With a bit of practice, the little bikes with big ideas can turn on a penny, spin in the air, go vertical and pull wheelies – BMX stunts can be as wild as your imagination. And now that BMX is an Olympic sport, there’s no limit to what you can do. 

Stunts or speed

BMX started as bicycle motocross, and with the right bike, you could be catching air on the ramps and pulling stunts on the streets, or tearing up the dirt on the track. Throw yourself around on a freestyle BMX bike with extra strong wheels and sensitive brakes, or go for speed on a BMX racer with a lighter frame, bigger wheels and knobby tyres. Whether you’re freestyling or racing, out on the street or down in the dirt, we’ve got the best BMX bikes for sale anywhere.

Buy the best

Our massive range includes cheap BMX bikes with steel frames to get you started. They’re tough, but they’re heavy, and as you improve, you can move up to the lighter, more versatile chromoloy and aluminium frames from some of the biggest names in BMX. In-store or online, our experts will help you find the right BMX bike for you, whether you’re a girl or a boy, an am or a pro. Whichever you choose, with the right bike, and enough commitment, you’ll soon be taking your praise as tournament champ.

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