Folding bikes

Folding Bikes Cycling has become more popular over recent years with the population becoming more environmentally aware and more economical with their modes of transport. People regularly take their bike to work, or cycle to the shops or just for fun, but not everywhere is completely cyclist friendly. Traditional bikes are difficult to carry around and take up alot of space to store when not in use, plus bikes are regularly stolen or damaged. The Folding bike is a convenient and practical alternative to the traditional bicycle, designed to fold up and fit into tight spots, such as car boots, under desks or cupboards, making folding bikes perfect for anyone with limited space at home, or at work, or anyone who needs to carry their bike onto the bus with them. Originally folding bikes used to be bulky, awkward and it was always a big possibility that they could collapse whilst you were riding them, but with advances in technology, folding bikes are now tough, sturdy, compact and highly dependable. It is easy to see why so many people are turning to folding bikes, and there are so many different shapes, styles, sizes and colours available today that there is almost certainly a folding bike available that is perfect for your needs and/or requirements.
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