Electric bikes

Electric Bikes

The first electric bike, believe it or not, was invented in the 1890s – but the arrival of the motor car around the same time parked the poor old electric bike for the next 100 years or so. Today, electric bikes are the fastest-growing sector of the cycle industry and are particularly popular with commuters looking to ditch the frustrating (and increasingly costly) nose-to-tail drive into work – but wanting to arrive fresh at the office. Want more advice on commuting? See our handy beginner’s guide to cycle commuting.

Not just for commuters

An electric bike is the perfect way to avoid the ‘freshly-washed tomato’ look when you get to the office – but it’s also just the ticket if you often carry heavy loads on your bike, struggle to pedal up the hills, or just want an easier cycling experience. Electric bikes give you the same feeling as riding a standard bicycle, with the added assistance of an electric motor to propel you towards your destination with ease.

Plug in and play

Lightweight and good looking, our electric bikes can cover distances of up to 50 miles on a single charge. And with a range of settings letting you choose how hard to pedal before the motor kicks in, you can opt for an easy ride or a bit of a workout. We have a carefully-selected range of electric bikes for sale – so choose your bike, then plug in and play!
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