Scooters Like ice cream or exercise, there’s no age limit to enjoying the fun of a scooter, and we have lightweight, foldable scooters that are great for kids, as well as streetwise, hardy machines that are tough enough to take on the demands of the stunt ramp. You could even consider a scooter for commuting – they fold up for easy carrying on the train or bus, and they’ll cut down your walking time to the office, as well as giving you a convenient way to work out. Kids’ scooters, commuter scooters, scomooters Scooters are a great way to persuade little kids (and big ones too) to put down the video console and get some fresh air. There are no special skills to learn, no extra gear to wear (except for a helmet) – you just jump on and ride. They’re a great way for the little ones to learn balance and coordination skills, and for older kids to build confidence. Or why not use one for your daily ‘scomoote’ to the office? Stunt scooters With stunt scooters it’s all about strength in the bars and deck, with one-piece handlebars that don’t fold, so you know they won’t let you down when you hit the ramp. We’ve got top scooters from some of the biggest brands, including JD Bug, 1080 and Blazer, with aircraft-grade aluminium or steel frames, tough PU wheels, specialised bearings and some stunning designs.
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