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1. Road
Whether you’re after your first helmet to protect you on the ride, or something more aero and lightweight, then check out our range of road helmets from the likes of Kask, Specialized and Giro. More...

2. MTB
If you’re pushing it hard on the trails then you’ll definitely want a sturdy skid-lid to protect you in the (probable) event that you fall. We’ve got some great looking designs, perfect for any off-road adventure. More...

3. Urban
Wearing a helmet might not be the coolest thing to wear on your commute into the city, but our commuter helmets are so well ventilated and lightweight that you’ll get to the office without putting a hair out of place. More...


Essentially helmets are designed to protect riders from head injuries, but with a wide range of types and fittings, there are a lot to choose from.

So, where do you start? Well, safety is paramount, so look for a helmet that has passed its safety tests and that carries the EN 1078 sticker. Most types of races, sportives and triathlons will require you to have a helmet that meets this standard.

Secondly, you need a helmet that fits you properly, if it doesn’t do that then it won’t do the job it was designed for. Helmets are available in a range of sizes, so it’s a good idea to come on down to one of our stores and try a few on to see which one fits you best.

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Varying types of padding, venting and retention systems can be seen across the wide range of helmets available.

The padding found in all helmets will not only make it more comfortable, but also help to wick away sweat from your head. Often, this padding can be removed, allowing it to be washed and help it from smelling like a sweaty mess.

You’ll often see holes in the shell of many of our helmets, which adds much needed ventilation. It will also make the helmet lighter, reducing the strain on your neck and helping your cycling efficiency - your power to weight ratio will be optimised with a lighter lid.

Retention systems, either parallel sliders or a dial adjuster, are essential and should be easy to adjust on and off the bike.

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Road helmets will be lightweight and have excellent ventilation properties, making sure airflow around the head is as aerodynamic as possible. Specialized used their in-house wind tunnel to design the Evade helmet, which they claim will save you 46 seconds over 40km due to its aerodynamic advancements.

Traditional cross-country helmets, like their road counterparts, tend to be light and well ventilated. But, if you’re looking for more protection for when you’re hurtling down steep descents, then you’ll find many MTB helmets are larger with less vents - consequently this means they’re heavier than a cross country or road lid.

If you’re looking for a commuting or leisure helmet, then you won’t be too concerned about an extra gram saving here and there. Comfort is key, so you wouldn’t go far wrong with an entry level road helmet, such as the Giro Revel. Recently, the skater style helmet, like much of the Bern range, are becoming increasingly popular and give a more stylish option to your riding.

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