Keep mud and puddles out of your eyes and off your bum by fitting a set of mudguards. Take your pick, from permanent mudguards that you can fit and forget to clip-on bike mudguards that you only use when you really need them.

Road bike mudguards

Nobody likes getting wet on a bike and nobody likes being sprayed in the face by the bike in front’s rear wheel on the club run. Full-wheel, spray-free mudguards cover more than half the wheel and give you and fellow riders the best protection for touring and road riding. We’ve got lightweight cycle mudguards designed for racers and clip-on versions that bend or pop out rather than break if you come a cropper.

Mountain bike mudguards

When you’re out in the wilds you’ll need something that’s higher off the wheel to avoid clogging. Mountain bike mudguards come in all shapes and sizes, from extra wide mudguards that will keep you cleaner, but may catch on things, to clip-on Crud Catchers that’ll deflect the worst of the spray.

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