You can tell your mates about your hairy mountaintop descent or breathless sprint on L’Etape du Tour, but it’s always better to show it like it happened. A helmet camera lets you film your finest moments for posterity, and you can share them on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog or website.

Cycle helmet cameras and more

We have a huge range of digital cameras that fit to your helmet, your glasses, bike frame – wherever you like, really. Experiment with positioning so you can get the best point of view and choose anything from a basic snapper to professional-grade video cameras.

Hi-tech HD and 3D helmet cameras

The best cycling cameras can record your expertise in full 1080p HD resolution – that’s even higher than the HD transmissions on TV – and have GPS built in, so you can tag your location and view your route online. Some even let you shoot in 3D. We also have loads of accessories to help any cycling Spielbergs or biking David Baileys, including specialist frame mounts, memory cards, anti-fogging kits, viewing screens and spare batteries.

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