Child seats

Taking your kids for a ride is the best way to introduce your little ones to the great outdoors and prepare them for a life in the saddle. Get them used to the road from a young age by taking them along in a child seat and they’ll be more confident when they’re old enough to get the first bike of their very own.

Safe and secure

Today’s kids’ bike seats are safe and secure, and easy to use too – brackets fasten securely to your bike frame (either onto your seat tube or, for extra versatility, onto a pannier rack), and a quick release mechanism means they can be easily removed when you need to take them indoors or when you’re out on your own.

Light and comfy We have a range of child bicycle seats for your younger passengers, all designed to be lightweight for you, and comfy for them. We’ve also got a variety of accessories such as support bars for extra security, and spare brackets so you can swap your seat onto different bikes.