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CatEye is the world’s leading manufacturer of cycle computers and lights. CatEye have been researching and developing some of the world's most advanced cycling computers and lights for nearly 60 years!
At Rutland Cycling we think CatEye offer the best blend of performance, value for money and reliability; that's why we offer a hand-picked selection of the very best, both in-store and online.
Since 1954 CatEye have developed some of the world's most advanced bike lights. In 1964 CatEye revolutionised cycling safety with the introduction of a flashing bike lamp; the world's first! Since then flashing bike lights have become an important part of any cyclist’s arsenal.
Nearly 40 years after the introduction of flashing bike lamps, CatEye produced the first front light to use white LEDs, since then CatEye have improved this technology to offer a massive range of low energy, high power bike lights to cater for all cyclists.
In addition to revolutionary lights, CatEye have been crafting cycling computers since 1981. Did you know CatEye were the first to offer Altimeter, Heart Rate and Cadence functions on cycling computers?
Today, CatEye offer one of the largest selections of cycling lights and computers to meet the needs of cyclists around the world. Whether you’re looking for a state of the art cycling computer to help advance your training or a simple commuter light set, CatEye are your best choice for reliability and performance.
Not sure what you need? Don't worry - our team of experts is available to answer any questions. That's just one reason we’re a multi-award winning bike shop!
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