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Wheels: the most effective upgrade you can make

New wheels can make you feel like you’re on a new bike. Upgrading your wheels is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight from your bike and can shave seconds or even minutes off time trials. Better wheels offer massive real-world gains, whether you want to achieve an aerodynamic advantage, climb faster, decrease weight or improve comfort.

Road bike wheels or mountain bike wheels

Think about the type of riding you’ll be doing – it’s important to get the right balance of rigidity, strength, weight and durability. Wheels for road bikes are thin, lightweight and come with a variety of aerodynamic spoke arrangements, while mountain bike wheels tend to be smaller with thicker rims, though the best can be just as lightweight.


We sell bike wheels singly or in wheelset pairs, made from aluminium, carbon fibre and other lightweight alloys, as well as sturdy but heavy steel rims. We also have specialist tubeless rims, which don’t need an inner tube and are even lighter than standard wheels. And don’t forget to consider quick-release skewers that allow you to swap your bike wheels easily, or keep them safe from thieves.

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