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Fox Shox

Fox Shox Front & Rear Suspension

For over three decades Fox has been a market leader in mountain bike suspension. Founded in 1974 by Bob Fox, the company has built it's brand and reupation on a foundation of quality and performance without compromise. With a range of forks for XC, trail, downhill, all mountain and just about any other off-road discipline you can think of, Fox Shox have it all covered. 

As well as mountain bike suspension, Fox also make suspension units for motocross bikes, trucks, snowmobiles and other extreme sports. They live and breath suspension and benefit from the learning and experience that comes from servicing a wide range of sports. 

If you're looking to upgrade your existing set of forks or perhaps embarking on a custom-build project and you want the best without compromise, then look no further than Fox Shox. 

Buy with confidence, from an accredited FOX Service Centre.

Rutland Cycling is an accredited FOX Suspension Service Centre, meaning we can service your Fox forks and shocks in house at any of our stores (excluding Fineshade). For more details, click on any of the FOX forks below.

We also have a fully-trained FOX technician on hand to answer your suspension queries, from sag set-up to service intervals, and make sure you're getting the very best performance from your fork or shock. FOX Shox front forks and rear shocks are widely regarded as the best in the business, and this US brand has been pushing the boundaries to produce high performance suspension forks and rear shocks for nearly 40 years.


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