Christmas at Rutland Cycling
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Own the night with Exposure lights.

British brand USE Exposure only entered the bike lights market in 2005, but have quickly forged a reputation as the leading performance lights manufacturer. We're big fans of Exposure lights here at Rutland Cycling. In fact, we run weekly night rides in the winter, where you can come and demo the full Exposure range - see our Rides page for more details.

What truly sets Exposure apart from other manufacturers is the revolutionary cable free design (CFD). No longer do you need to worry about difficult-to-mount batteries: everything needed to power your Exposure light is contained within its sleek aluminium shell. Even more impressive is the fact that all Exposure's CFD lights pack the same power and battery life as their external battery rivals! If you need a performance light, look no further than Exposure lights.

With a full range of lights available both in-store and online, it's easy to see why Rutland is your one-stop shop for Exposure bike lights. 

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