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Viking was founded in 1908 in darkest Wolverhampton by Welshman, Alfred Victor Davies, a railway clerk with a sideline as an enthusiastic, amateur bicycle mechanic.
Upon finding that he was moon lighting as a mechanic, the railway company offered Alfred an ultimatum. Give up the bikes or give up his job. Alfred gave it some though and opted for the latter.
After securing a small workhouse in which he could make his own bicycle frames. After retiring, his son Reg took over and within 20 years, Viking as a brand name was born. The company had moved from Alfred’s small Princess Alley workshop to a factory that produced 20,000 bikes a year.
Further strides were taken when in 1948, Viking formed a road cycling team and became a key player in the famous British Milk races. Bob Thorn joined the team as a rider manager and together they won the BLRC championship in 1948 and ’49 and won the championship alongside the Tour of Britain in 1951. This put Viking on the map as the foremost homegrown manufacturer during the first golden age of British cycling (actually, the first one).
Viking are still going strong to this day and pride themselves on making affordable bicycles which utilise the latest tubing to meet the rapidly changing demands of the cyclist. A vast cycling history and knowledge and a range of bicycles that include tandems, hybrids, road bikes, folding bikes and fixies mean that whatever you need with two wheels, Viking can supply the affordable, quality built machine.

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