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Kryptonite: superpowered protection for your bike.
Nothing keeps your bike safer than Kryptonite, so strong not even Superman will be able to steal your ride.
Founded back in the 1970s with a revolutionary U-Lock, Kryptonite set the goal of unbeatable protection for your bike. In 2004 Kryptonite voluntarily exchanged over 400,000 locks for free after it was discovered industry standard tubular steel could be compromised with a simple household item, the ultimate customer service!
In 1972, Kryptonite tested their brand new New York Lock against the city's thieves themselves, locking a brand new three speed bike to a signpost in the high crime area of Greenwich Village. Every removable part was immediately stripped by thieves until only the frame and lock remained. For the next 30 days and nights the lock withstood numerous attacks, proving Kryptonite locks were the ultimate protection.
Twenty two years later in 1994 the New York Post posed the ultimate challenge, "Could Kryptonite's New York Lock last 48 hours on the toughest streets of New York?" Kryptonite accepted, at a time when 100,000 bikes were stolen every year in New York.
Kryptonite locked a brand new, bright green Univega road bike, worth $600 to a parking meter in the "Bermuda Triangle" of New York bike theft. For a full 48 hours the lock withstood every possible means of assault, stumping thieves at every turn. Unsatisfied with the length of the test, Kryptonite locked the bike around the city for the next month; still the bike remained safe and sound!
This legendary protection is why we recommend the use of Kryptonite locks to keep your bike safe in even the most hostile conditions.

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