Hope Tech: British design, British performance.
From the very first component crafted by Hope to the thousands produced today all have the same dedication to revolutionary performance for you, the rider.
Established in 1989 by two Rolls Royce engineers unhappy with the current range of mountain bike brakes. Over two decades later Hope are still creating some of the UK's most popular disc brakes, components and bike bling.
Constantly striving to create the next best thing, Hope have an extensive research and development team dedicated to create products with the highest quality, technical excellence and value for money. You'd think this would create some ugly, functional components but Hope's leading 3D CAD software ensures the finished product is a thing of beauty, fully realised through the use of over 50 CNC machines running 24 hours a day.
Hope's performance, quality and aesthetically sleek designs are all ensured by a virtually 100% in-house construction in Barnoldswick, England. The result? World renowned, cutting edge components which stay true to Hope's core values.
At Rutland Cycling we love Hope Tech products, which is why you can find Hope in practically all of our shops and online
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