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Hailing from the birthplace of mountain biking, Marin have been at the heart of mountain biking since 1986. Marin’s 2013 range embodies the spirit of classic mountain biking, while remaining at the cutting edge of the sport.
Rutland Cycling have been long-term partners with Marin, so we know pretty much everything about Marin bikes. We offer a selection of the UK's favourite Marins both in-store and online, all provided with expert knowledge, making us the best place to buy your next Marin mountain bike.
Since the first ‘klunkers’ (modified heavy cruiser bikes) appeared in Marin County, California has been at the forefront of mountain biking. Out of respect for this holy place of riding down hills fast, Marin name every single bike after the trails, mountains and towns that make up Marin County.
In 1992 Marin launched their first full suspension bike, the revolutionary Ti FRS. Although hampered by limited damping and travel, the Ti FRS paved the way for the legendary Mount Vision in 1996. The Mount Vision was ridden by Paul Lazenby to 1st place in the UK National Championship, heralding the arrival of efficient and effective full suspension bikes. To this day the Mount Vision is still offered by Marin, albeit in a more modern form.
In addition to the Mount Vision, many other Marin classics continue their life as all new bikes the Palisades Trail, considered to be one of the best mountain bikes of the 1990's, is still available with cutting-edge frame and modern 29" wheels, marking the philosophy behind every Marin mountain bike: classic-inspired design, paired with cutting-edge technology.
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