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Nutrition & Recovery

Our Favourite Nutrition Brands

1. SIS
SIS make product that is scientifically designed to energise, hydrate and help your body recover quickly, allowing you to train harder and perform better. More...

2. Enervit
AA complete line of products for every supplementary need, from caffeinated gels to deliver energy to the muscles as quickly as possible, to electrolyte drinks to keep you hydrated. More...

3. Torq
Using only ingredients that are from a natural source, or that occur naturally in the human body, Torq truly make clean, sport nutrition products - absolutely no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. More...


You can only store so much carbohydrate in your body, so it makes sense to maximise those stores in the days leading up to an event to delay fatigue and optimise your performance.

The best way to delay the onset of fatigue and prevent you from “bonking” is to up your overall carbohydrate intake in the 48 hours before your event. To achieve this, increase carb portions at meal times (e.g. rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals) and add carb snacks (e.g. cereal bars, fruit) between meals or drink carb fluids alongside meals. Typically up your carb intake from the normal 5-7g of carbs per kg of bodyweight, to 8-10g of carbs in those two days before your competition.

Breakfast on the day should be light and high in carbohydrate. A good example would be cereals, toast, or porridge with a banana. About 60 minutes before the race you should caffeine load (only if you’ve tried it in your normal training), where you should look to achieve around 3mg of caffeine for every kg in bodyweight.

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Each hour you should be sipping on your carbohydrate drink and ideally getting some carbs from an energy bar or gel. Your body can comfortably process 60g of carbohydrate per hour, so drinking 500ml of carbohydrate fluid (approx. 40g of carbs) and an energy gel (typically 20g of carb per sachet) should do the trick.

If the weather is hot, you may need to up your fluid intake to around 1000ml per hour. So, using hydration tablets in a second bottle that are virtually calorie free, will help deliver the right levels of hydration without the unwanted feeling of 1000ml of carb drink sitting heavily in your stomach.

The more experienced you become with riding long distances, the more you will develop a sense of exactly what your body needs for fuel and hydration - everyone is different after all.

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Never forget the 30 minute rule - basically try and consume some form of carbohydrate, protein and electrolytes within half an hour of finishing your ride.

This can be done with proper food, such as a chicken sandwich, or you can use sports recovery product. Sports recovery products are often much easier to transport in your race day bag than bringing a personal chef and a host of cooking equipment.

The sooner your replace the nutrients you’ve lost, the faster you will recover and the better your muscles can rebuild, adapt and ultimately become stronger.

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Product (per serving) Energy Carbs Protein Fat Fibre Sodium
SIS Go Hydro Tablets (per 4g) 7kcal 0.5g 0.0g 0.0g 0.2g 0.3g
SIS Go Electrolyte Drink (per 40g) 146kcal 37g 0g 0g 0g 0.2g
SIS Go Energy Drink (per 50g) 187kcal 47g 0g 0g 0g 0g
SIS Isotonic Energy Gel (per 60ml) 86kcal 22g 0g 0g 0.1g 0.01g
SIS ReGo Rapid Recovery Drink (per 50g) 184kcal 23g 20g 1.3g 0.3g 1.0g
SIS Overnight Protein Recovery Drink (per 35g) 130kcal 1.9g 26g 2.0g 1.1g 0.3g


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