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Turbo Trainers

Turbo Trainers + Rollers

You don’t have to go out to keep fit. At night, or when the weather’s lousy, you can hook your bike up to a high-performing turbo trainer for indoor exertion. Whether you’re just keeping in trim, or trying to maximise your training schedule, a cycle turbo trainer can be stored away conveniently and assembled easily and quickly when you need it.

Turbo trainers

With a turbo trainer you get a frame, clamp and a roller that allows you to pedal as hard as you like for concentrated training sessions. From basic resistance turbo trainers to high-tech computerised systems, we’ve got some of the biggest brands in cycle turbo trainers, including Tacx trainers, Cycleops and Jet Black. So choose between jumping on for a simple pedal session or settling in to a fully-programmed training routine, and keep in top form, even through the dark months.

Training accessories

Cycle training’s not just about the pedalling – we also have a range of instructional DVDs and specialist computer software to help you maximise your training programme.
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