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Mark | 25/02/2015 14:10:00

Cube MTB Hardtail Family Review

Cube have shot to prominence in the past few years and regularly receive rave reviews from pros and recreational cyclists alike. Best known for their mountain bikes, Cube are fast becoming the go-to brand for savvy customers looking for a high-quality frame and spec at a competitive price. Priding themselves on having the perfect bike for everyone,.... More


Mark | 25/02/2015 11:34:00

Kona Satori Review - African Zen

Satori is a Buddhist term for enlightenment. Apparently, as long as there is Satori, then Zen will continue to exist in the world. You might think that to associate this kind of feeling with riding a bike is a bit too abstract. But, when riding this bike that is exactly what you feel - an enlightening experience..... More


Mark | 16/02/2015 22:14:00

Training for a Sportive – Part One

For beginners and experienced riders alike, targeting a spring sportive is a fantastic way to keep you motivated during the winter months. Whether you're riding your first sportive, or considering an epic challenge like The Fred Whitton, you will need the right gear for the day. There’s nothing worse than being that person who arrives an hour.... More


Mark | 12/02/2015 12:37:00

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Under £1600

We took three of the best 2015 full suspension mountain bikes for under £1,600 down to the local trails, to answer some key questions that have been bugging us for a while. Could an entry level full-susser really rival its higher spec’d bigger siblings? Can you get a decent ride that gives you the confidence.... More


Mark | 29/01/2015 15:28:00

How to Survive the Cold on your Bike – Part 2

Whether you ride on the trails, on country roads, or ride to and from the office each day, winter cycling can take its toll. But if you keep on riding through the winter, the increased exposure to sunlight (yes, even on grey days) will also boost your vitamin D levels and give you the natural high.... More


Sally | 22/01/2015 14:38:00

How to Survive the Cold on Your Bike – Part 1

Winter Riding Tip #1 – Dress properly If winter turbo sessions don’t quite cut it for you, here are our top tips for training in the colder weather.I’m not a masochist. I don’t enjoy my fingers and feet going so numb that pedalling and changing gears becomes difficult, and I don’t view winter riding as essential.... More


Sally | 22/01/2015 08:49:00

5 Ways to Love Your Bike this Winter

Want to know how to nurture your bike through the winter?  Read on for our top tips on winter bike maintenance. Your bike will love you for it. Rain, mud and salty roads can spell bad news for your trusty steed, accelerating wear and tear. The last thing you need when you’re out riding in the cold and.... More


Mark | 15/01/2015 16:04:07

2015 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc Review

The Specialized Crosstrail is a Rutland Cycling favourite, and for very good reason. While many riders focus their riding on either road or trail, with a bike for each, there are just as many cyclists who want one bike that’ll go everywhere. The Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc is the perfect example of a do-it-all cycle, offering a perfect balance of.... More


Sally | 15/01/2015 12:13:52

Earn 10% Reward Points on 2015 Bikes

Our Rutland Customer Rewards scheme allows you to earn points every time you shop with us. When you buy a new, non-discounted 2015 bike from Rutland Cycling, you’ll earn 10% of the value of the bike in Rewards Points, to spend on future purchases. This is an exclusive offer, only available at Rutland Cycling. Our.... More


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