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Words by Adam
Published on 01/04/2014 13:54:28
It’s that time of year when people start getting out and about. The clocks have changed and it’s no longer a race back to the car against a setting sun. You’ve got all the time in the world for pedalling through the great outdoors with the the family before heading back to the car to load up.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 13/03/2014 13:52:00
Preparation for a big expedition can be daunting and complex according to its shape and goals of the final project. For my London2London:Via the World expedition that complexity is mind-boggling at times, and it takes support and effort from a number of people to make it happen. The linked nature of the expedition, where one phase leads.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 31/01/2014 14:36:02
This January saw Rutland Cycling partner with Flora Pro-Activ in a bid to reduce the smallest counties cholesterol levels. The program saw residents, selected on the basis of high cholesterol levels, take part in a series of activities to measure the effect of gentle and fun activities on reducing cholesterol and developing a happier and healthier lifestyle..... More
Words by Adam
Published on 07/01/2014 16:57:56
It’s 2014. Unless you’re one of those crazy people that got up on Christmas morning and rode 100 miles then you may have sat on the couch at some point and poked a finger into what is generally termed ‘middle age spread’. A paunch has appeared with ninja like stealth and is glaring up at.... More
Words by markcraddock
Published on 05/11/2013 16:19:00
We all start the colder months of the year filled with a fresh determination. “It won’t be like last year when I sat on the couch and ate pies. This year I will ride through the winter and be superhuman by spring” Then it rains and it all goes out the window. If wet.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 09/09/2013 07:18:00
Sooner or later every cyclist has to tackle “the big hill.” You know the one – It’s the hill you’ve been avoiding! The renowned Stelvio Pass in Italy is a favourite amongst many cyclists Here are ten tips to help you overcome your next climb: 1. Mentally Prepare It might sound strange, but get.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 29/08/2013 14:53:00
Whether you’ve decided to get a bike to enjoy the great outdoors, get to work, get a little fitter or have adventures, cycling can be enormous fun. Here are our top tips to get you out pedalling in comfort and style! And don’t forget our LoveCycling blog – it’s packed with cycling advice and ideas. What to get .... More
Words by Adam
Published on 29/08/2013 14:41:00
Now you've owned your beloved steed for a year or so, you must be starting to get eager to tinker? Upgrading any bike is fun, especially when it's your own. Once you have trawled through numerous cycle websites and spoken to many friends as well as the staff in your local store, one question probably still remains: what.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 29/08/2013 09:44:00
For a quick ride to the shops or a short hop to a friend’s, you can pretty much wear anything (and it’s no fun turning up to a party across town dressed in full Lycra). But if you’re planning to put some decent miles in on your bike, you’ll want to kit yourself out in some cycle-specific clothing. Cycle clothing.... More

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