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Rutland Cycling - Winner of the Bike Biz Award for Best Independent Retailer 2013
Words by Mark
Published on 16/09/2014 16:43:36
  Important news: We have now dropped our basic interest bearing finance rate from 19.5% down to just 15.9% so your dream bike is now even more affordable. We have also relaxed the criteria for interest free, so you will find even more items across our website with a 0% credit option – including many sale.... More
Words by Mark
Published on 28/08/2014 09:36:08
We will be holding a maintenance class at our Whitwell Shop, hosted by our workshop manager Drew. So if you're free on the 4th of September between 6-8 pm book in for lessons on gear adjustment, brakes, and winter prep along with much more. For more info contact
Words by Adam
Published on 16/07/2014 11:16:40
  Summer is here and we’re all enjoying long days and hot weather. Le Tour has kicked off and it seems like we’re all living in an endless summer. Threats of a washout season a pale memory blasted from your thoughts by sun beams and insects hitting your face whilst pedalling at speed. Well, I’ve.... More
Words by Mark
Published on 09/07/2014 13:36:00
Getting the most out of your new bike Hopefully you’re out enjoying the great British summer on your new bike! Here are our top tips to help you get the most out of your shiny new steed, including advice on clothing, nutrition and maintenance.   1.Eat and drink plenty.... More
Words by Mark
Published on 30/06/2014 16:27:00
Falling off a bike is never preferable for any cyclist, but it’s always a possibility no matter what type of bike you are riding. Research tells us that nearly 75% of annual cycling fatalities are a result of head injuries. It goes without saying therefore, that a helmet is one of the most essential cycle accessories you can buy, to.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 27/06/2014 17:09:47
All Bikes Go to Heaven That poor lonely bike that sits in the corner of the shed has served you well. You’ve sweated it out together on the climbs, it carried you to and from work for all those years. Yep, together you’ve seen it all; Wind, rain, hail, snow, sunshine. Where would you be without ‘Ol’ Faithfull’? Unhealthier,.... More
Words by Mark
Published on 19/06/2014 13:29:23
Carbon fibre is high-tech, modern, and clearly the best option for any bike right? …or is it? In this blog we take a look at these two awesome materials and the real benefits – and drawbacks – of both.   First let’s take a look at carbon: Summary pros: Carbon is ideal for performance and speed. .... More
Words by Adam
Published on 16/06/2014 10:47:00
Now you've owned your beloved steed for a year or so, you must be starting to get eager to tinker? Upgrading any bike is fun, especially when it's your own. Once you have trawled through numerous cycle websites and spoken to many friends as well as the staff in your local store, one question probably still remains: what.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 06/06/2014 12:11:00
Here at Rutland Cycling, we get easily excited by technology, especially if that technology can improve cycling performance. Be it dedicated cycling GPS units, the latest app for our smartphones or more recently power meters. What is a power meter? We’ve seen a real increase in the number of customers enquiring about power meters this year, with more.... More
Words by Adam
Published on 16/05/2014 15:02:26
  Staff rider and masochist Wiggy has drafted a team into this year’s Mountain Mayhem. He dropped a note to tell us how it’s going? With Just over a month to go, the 2014 mountain Mayhem 24hr Team event draws ever closer. Here at Rutland Cycling the staff riders have slowly been building up their.... More