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22/08/2013 08:20:00

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Cyclescheme is a government backed scheme to make cycling more affordable and accessible mode of transport for people to use for getting to and from a place of work and cycling for leisure. The benefits of cycling for general fitness and the environment are well documented and Cyclescheme is designed to make the bike riding public a happier and fitter bunch. If you choose to buy a bike using the Cyclescheme you will be signing up to a salary sacrifice scheme with your employer which enables you to pay for the bike in installments and make a saving on the price of the bike. There’s never been a better reason to get shopping. Discover how the Cyclescheme works by reading our Cyclescheme user guide.

Cyclescheme is now Available Online

Traditionally we have only been able to offer Cyclescheme in our shops and on a face-to-face basis. We are now delighted to be able to offer this service via our website and customer service team. The advantage of choosing to apply for your cycle scheme purchase on-line is that you needn’t be local to one of our shops or have to make a long journey to take advantage of the great products and offers that we have online.

Which bikes are available online

We list a great number of bicycles on our website and the majority of these are available to be processed via cycle scheme applications. There are however a few exceptions; Trek, Wilier, and Whyte do not allow their bikes to be sent via courier service and are therefore are only available via Cyclescheme applications that are processed in stores and in person. The good news is that Manufacturers like Giant, Specialized, Genesis, Scott, Cube and many more are available to you through our online Cyclescheme service.

Children’s bikes are sadly not permitted on the cycle scheme, even if they have a paper round.

What about 'Sale' or 'Offer Bikes'

We are happy to provide bikes that are available on our website at a price reduced from the RRP as part of the Cyclescheme but these will incur a charge equal to 11% of the sale price of the bike. In the event that this final price is greater than RRP it is the RRP that will be charged. This means that we can bring you great savings in conjunction with the Cyclescheme offer.

For Example, a bike with an RRP of £999 is being offered at a reduced price of £799.

11% of £799 is £87.89. This means the bike is available on Cyclescheme at a price of £799 + £87.89 = £886.89


If you are buying a bicycle then the chances are that you will need some extras to go along with it. A cycle helmet is a must and a pannier rack will make taking your packed lunch to work a doddle. Accessories and safety equipment that are permitted on the Cyclescheme are;
  • Cycle helmets
  • Lights
  • Mirrors and mudguards to ensure riders visibility is not impaired
  • Cycle clips and dress guards
  • Panniers, luggage carriers and straps to allow luggage to be safely carried
  • Child safety seats
  • Locks and chains to ensure cycle can be safely secured
  • Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant to allow for minor repairs
  • Cycling clothing
  • Cycling shoes

All accessories will be provided at full RRP cost.

How much am I allowed to spend?

You can either opt to buy a bicycle on its own, just cycling accessories, or a combination of both. However the total sum of your purchase cannot exceed £1000. This can be increased if your employer has a Consumer Credit License Category B.

How do I Take Advantage of Cyclescheme Online

If your employer is registered with cyclescheme and you decide to get on two wheels, browse our website and then give our customer service team a call on 01572 332032 or alternatively email on to discuss your purchase. We will then prepare a quote for you to present to your employer, who will apply to Cyclescheme for your voucher. When applying for your voucher, be sure to check that this is an Ecertificate format as this is the one we are able to redeem.

Once you have your voucher, contact us and we will request details of the voucher and a form of photograph identification which we can then use to redeem your voucher and get your bike and accessories delivered to you.

When placing your order for a cyclescheme quote you will be given the option of placing a deposit equivalent to the value of 10% of your quote value. This deposit ensures that we will place an order for or reserve the bike instantly and keep it for you so that when your Cyclescheme voucher arrives we will be able to dispatch your bike as soon as possible. Your 10% deposit will be refunded upon redemption of your voucher.

If you decide not to place a holding deposit we will place your order once you have confirmed to us that you have received your voucher which may lead to a delay in getting your new bike to you.

All of the items ordered as part of a Cyclescheme are subject to the availability of those products. In the instance that items become unavailable we will contact you to discuss alternative options.

Once we have redeemed your Cyclescheme voucher we will ship your bike to you fully built and ready to ride.

For more information about Cyclescheme and its terms and conditions you can visit the excellent Cyclescheme website here.