Christmas at Rutland Cycling
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16/09/2015 14:48:00

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Cyclescheme at Rutland Cycling

Cyclescheme is a government backed scheme aimed to make cycling a more affordable and accessible mode of transport for commuters and leisure riders. It's a simple three step process, which will help you save up to 42% on a brand new bike, cycling accessories or a combination of the two!

Step 1 - Choose your Bike and Equipment, Online or In Store

You can make use of our Cyclescheme service in any of our five stores and online via our website & customer service team. So, simply browse our range of bikes and accessories from leading manufacturers, such as Giant, Specialized, Scott, Cube, Genesis and Trek to name a few, and decide on a package that suits you. The total sum of your purchase cannot exceed £1000 (exceptions apply see FAQs) and can be used against a bike, accessories, or a combination of the two. Accessories such as cycle helmet and visible clothing would be a sensible choice, while a pannier rack will make taking your packed lunch to work a doddle - all accessories available on Cyclescheme will be charged at full RRP.

If you are looking to order from us online, then you will need to request a quote from us. This can be done by emailing the following information to

  • The Bike (including size and colour)
  • Any accessories (including size and colour)
  • Your Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Name of Employer
  • Employer Address

If you wish to reserve a bike then you can do so by placing a £50 deposit over the telephone on 01572 332032. Please note that Trek, Wilier, and Whyte do not allow their bikes to be sent via courier service, therefore these bikes are only available via Cyclescheme applications that are processed in store.

Sale bikes, or any bike that has a reduced RRP, can be used as part of your Cyclescheme package, but these will incur a charge equal to 11% of the sale price of the bike. In the event that this final price is greater than the RRP, then the RRP will be charged in its place.

For example, a bike with an RRP of £999 is being offered at a reduced price of £799, 11% of £799 is £87.89, therefore the bike is available on Cyclescheme at a price of £799 + £87.89 = £886.89

Step 2 - Request Your Cyclescheme Certificate via

If your employer is registered with cyclescheme and you have opted to process your quote online, rather than in-store, then we will then prepare your quote for you to present to your employer, who will in turn apply to Cyclescheme for your voucher. When applying for your voucher, be sure to check this is in an e-certificate format, as this is the voucher we can redeem. If your employer is not registered with cyclescheme, invite them to join here!

When placing your order for a cyclescheme quote you will be given the option of placing a deposit of £50. This deposit ensures we will place an order for, or reserve the bike, instantly - so, when your Cyclescheme voucher arrives we can then dispatch your bike as soon as possible. Your £50 deposit will be refunded upon redemption of your voucher.

Once you have your voucher, simply email to over to and we will get the voucher redeemed and process your order.

Step 3 - Recieve Your Equipment & Hit the Road

Once we have redeemed your Cyclescheme voucher we will ship your bike to you fully built and ready to ride. For more information about Cyclescheme and its terms and conditions visit Cyclescheme website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay an additional amount over and above £1000?
This would need to be confirmed with your employer. We are able to do this up to about £1500, however you will need to find out where you stand in terms of ownership of the bike at the end of the agreement.

Can I use the voucher in any of your stores?
When selecting the store to request your certificate from on the cyclescheme website, you will need to ensure you choose the correct store where you wish to use the voucher. Selecting the incorrect store can delay the process substantially. Our store links are:

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