Christmas at Rutland Cycling
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  • NEW! FREE courtesy bike service - click on the 'Bike servicing' tab for more details
  • NEW! Fox Shox Servicing in house - plus, get a FREE 6-month Fox Shox service!
  • Same-day turnaround* - you won't get a faster service locally
  • Open every day
  • Expert workshop team - all experienced riders, all Cytech accredited
  • Free safety check-over
  • Free first service when you buy your new bike in store
  • We'll fix any bike - even if you didn't buy it from us
  • We proudly use the SmartBikeWasher environmental cleaner

*We'll do our very best to have your bike ready for collection on the same day you bring it in, but occasionally this may not be possible during peak periods. Give us a call beforehand to double check on 01572 332 032.

Why Choose Us?

At your service

Here at Rutland Cycling, we know how important it is to keep your bike well maintained. And with over 750 bikes on our cycle hire fleet, we know a thing or two about how to keep a bike in tip-top shape.

All four Rutland Cycling stores have full workshops with the latest tooling and equipment, and our friendly workshop team are expert at fixing poorly bikes - so whether it's a small repair, full service or custom build, we're here to help. Plus, with our exclusive free courtesy bike service, you need never miss a day's riding while you're bike's being fixed!

Trust us, we're experts

All of our workshops have Cytech qualified, certified mechanics who know cycling inside out. This gives us the edge over your average bike shop, as we can offer you first-hand advice on any cycling-related issue. Not only can we service your bike professionally and quickly, but we also offer a variety of specialist options, including custom wheel building, custom frame and bike building, fork and shock servicing, and professional advice on set up and positioning.

The ChemFree Smart Bike Washer

We've got one of these clever parts cleaners in all our workshops, and boy have they transformed the way we service your bike! Unlike other parts cleaning methods, which use nasty solvents (bad for our mechanics, bad for the environment), the Smart Bike Washer uses a natural cleaning process called bioremediation to clean and degrease your whole bike, safely and effectively.

Book your bike in for a Stage 2 service and we'll use our Smart Bike Washer to get to work on your whole bike, til she's shining like new again. Think of it like treating your bike to a spa treatment for her birthday...doesn't she deserve it, once a year?

Free safety health-check and estimate

Before carrying out any repair, we'll give your bike the once-over and discuss your requirements, before putting together a full estimate.

And if you'd like some advice on how to make your bike work better and safer, just ask: we're here to help, 7 days a week.

Bike servicing

  • NEW! FREE courtesy bike, with every Service - read on for more details!
  • NEW! Fox Shox Servicing in house - plus, get a FREE 6-month Fox Shox service!

Why service your bike?

Regular servicing on any bike is vital to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A poorly-kept bike will end up costing you more to repair, so it makes sense to keep your bike in good shape from day one. That's why we offer a free first service when you buy your new bike from us.

Thereafter, to keep things simple we have 3 levels of servicing: Safety check, Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Free courtesy bike for all Bike Service customers (advance bookings only)

Rutland Cycling is unique in being able to provide a FREE courtesy bike for all cyclists using our workshops for bike service. You don't want to miss a day's cycling while your bike is in the care of our expert technicians, and now you don't have to. Booked in advance, we offer current year models only on our courtesy fleet. Hybrid, mountain and road bikes from the best brands are all available.

Our courtesy bikes are new and maintained to the highest standards. However, if you'd like to take the opportunity to try something special, then you can also enjoy a top-end demo road or MTB at an incredible discount rate, only £5 per day, available only to workshop customers. Demo wheels, Garmin GPS units and lights are also available. So, while elsewhere your bike service means a break from life on two wheels, at Rutland Cycling it's the best time to get out even more!

To book a service, courtesy or demo bike, call your nearest workshop today - we're open 7 days a week.

Free first service

Like a car, your new bike has a bedding-in period – normally 3-6 weeks, depending on use. It is really important to get your bike fined tuned at this point, so it continues to run as smoothly as it should.

This is why we offer a free first service when you buy your new bike from Rutland Cycling. This applies to any ready to ride bike bought from us, in store or online however it does not cover any bike that requires self assembly and you must also bring the bike to one of our stores as we are unable to collect. You can book your service in advance at any of our stores.

Bronze Service

  • £29.99 (excluding parts)
  • Recommended if whole bike needs basic, minor attention.
  • Full safety check; check frame & fork for alignment; adjust gears & brakes; check & oil chain; inspect wheels & tyres for wear.

Silver Service

  • £54.99 (excluding parts)
  • Recommended every 3-12 months, depending on use.
  • Everything in the Bronze Service, plus: Wipe down frame & forks; check wheels, hubs & rims for damage/wear; check & adjust bearings, headset, bottom bracket; true wheels; tension spokes; remove & clean drivetrain, check for wear & re-lube.

Gold Service

  • £119.99 (excluding parts)
  • Recommended every 12-18 months, depending on use.
  • Everything in the Silver Service, plus: Full strip down to bare frame: clean frame & check for alignment & damage, clean & check threads; face frame & disc mounts**; disassemble, clean, inspect & re-assemble hubs**; remove, clean, regrease, re-fit & check headset & bottom bracket (**where applicable)

Servicing Price List

  Bronze service Silver service Gold service
  £29.99* £54.99* £119.99*
(including cables)
Full safety check
Check frame & fork for alignment
Adjust gears & brakes
Check & oil chain
Inspect wheels & tyres for wear

Wipe down frame & forks
Check wheels, hubs & rims for damage/ wear
Check & adjust bearings, headset, bottom bracket
True wheels
Tension spokes
Remove & clean drivetrain, check for wear & re-lube

Full strip down to bare frame: clean frame & check for alignment & damage, clean & check threads
Face frame & disc mounts**
Disassemble, clean, inspect & re-assemble hubs**
Remove, clean, re-grease, re-fit & check headset & bottom bracket


Our workshops proudly offer the following accreditations:

  • Cytech
  • FOX Suspension Technical Servicing
  • DT Swiss (wheel building)
  • Hope Tech Shop
  • Mavic Service Centre
  • Shimano Premium Service Centre
  • Avid Service Centre
  • Cytech - what is it and why does it matter?

Cytech is the bicycle industry's recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle mechanics and retail staff. Cytech delivers training and promotion of technical skills to the bicycle trade and cyclists throughout the UK. It is a comprehensive scheme, covering everything from the basics of bicycle maintenance to complex bike builds and servicing of the newest and most technical products.

The Cytech scheme is owned by the industry and is recognised as the benchmark brand for accreditation of technical skills and quality businesses.

As a customer, when you take your bike into a bike shop that has been Cytech Accredited you can have:

  • Peace of mind that your existing bike is in safe hands
  • Confidence that your new bike has been properly set up to manufacturer's guidelines and British Standards
  • Ongoing technical support to ensure your bike runs smoothly