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Bibshorts are the go-to for most road cyclists, with shoulder straps that keep everything in place being the main feature that differentiates them from standard shorts. Once you've tried bibshorts you'll never want to go back to the world of basic cycling shorts are here's why - Comfort: Lightweight mesh straps ensure your shorts stay in place and there is no pressure or binding points on the skin. There's no waistband either so you won't feel your shorts digging into your abdomen or hindering breathing. They look the part: In the past it was known for racers to pull up their drawstrings to use as straps to ensure the chamois padding stayed in place. This gave birth to the concept of the modern bibshort that has a far sleeker, integrated look that - once combined with your favourite jersey - makes you look the business. The cut of the shorts also ensure you won't have to deal with your jersey riding up or your shorts riding down and giving the old couple in the car behind you a face full. You'll go faster: Close fitting lycra should make you more aerodynamically efficient on the bike, giving you free speed. Plus, the compressive and breathable properties of modern, high performance fabrics, mean you'll get to you destination feeling fresher and cooler.

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