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Earn Rewards Points

Our Customer Rewards scheme allows you to earn points every time you shop with us. The points you earn can be used to spend on products both online and in store. You can spend your points as soon as they're on your account, so you won't have to wait around for your savings.

Signing up to the Customer Rewards scheme is free, and the points you earn can be used both online and in store. You can spend your points as soon as they're on your account, so you won't have to wait around for your savings. Rewards Points are valid for 12 months from purchase date.

Any bike purchased using 0% finance and/or Cyclescheme (or other employee salary-sacrifice scheme) is excluded from this offer.

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30 Day Test Ride

All the convenience of buying online, without the risk
When you buy a new bike at full RRP from, you can now benefit from the added reassurance of our Rutland 30-day test ride. Once your new bike arrives, you can ride it as your own for 30 days, and we're confident you'll love it! However, if it's not right for you, we'll exchange it for another model. (There's a nominal charge of £10 for us to collect your bike - just make sure you keep the box your bike arrived in.)

On which bikes is the 30-day test ride available?
The Rutland 30-day test ride is available on all full price, non-discounted bikes available for home delivery on It is not available on discounted or special offer bikes, click and collect bikes, bikes bought on finance, bikes bought through Cyclescheme, or bikes bought in store. This offer is only available on bikes delivered to mainland UK addresses.

How does the test ride work?
Your 30-day test ride starts from the date your bike is delivered. You must notify us by email within 30 calendar days of delivery that you intend to return the bike within this scheme. This offer applies to all bikes purchased on or after 14th August 2014. To ensure you remain eligible, we would ask that you adopt a 'fair usage' attitude during the test ride period, and make sure there is no damage to the bike outside of the minimal wear you would expect from a bike ridden for 30 days or a few rides. Please note that any damage to the bike, including damage from incorrect assembly, will invalidate the test ride.

How many times can I use the 30-day test ride?
We will allow up to two exchanges within this scheme.

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1 Hour Delivery Slots

Choose our Interlink Predict Priority service and avoid the hassle of waiting around all day for your delivery. Interlink will notify you of your one-hour delivery window by SMS and email, and you can track the progress of your delivery on a real-time map, all the way down to a final 15-minute time slot.

Furthermore, if you find yourself busy on the day of delivery, Interlink will off you rescheduling options, both the night before and on the day, so you can select an alternative delivery date, deliver to a nominated neighbour, leave the parcel in a safe place, collect your parcel from your local Interlink depot, or upgrade to delivery before 1200.

This service is available on most items, but does exclude bikes. If you require a 1 hour delivery slot for your bike delivery then please call our customer service team who can book this service for you over the phone.

Interlink Predict Priority is a premium delivery option. Additional charges apply.

Delivery Information

Price Match Promise

Price is important to everyone these days, so we regularly price check our competitors to make sure we have the best offers for you — but if you see the same product cheaper from one of our listed competitors, then get in touch and we'll do our very best to match the price.

Please note that we can only price match identical items (including size and colour), which are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Comparison price includes all delivery charges.

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Free Click & Collect

Our Click & Collect service offers all the benefits of shopping online, combined with an award-winning retail experience in one of our stores.

Simply order your items, select Click & Collect and pick up your item at a time that's convenient for you - our stores are open 7 days a week. Best of all, the service is completely free.

Don't live near our stores? Use our Collect+ service to collect your package from one of the (many) locations near you.

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5 Ways to Love Your Bike this Winter

   Words by Sally

   on 22/01/2015 08:49:00

Want to know how to nurture your bike through the winter?  Read on for our top tips on winter bike maintenance. Your bike will love you for it.

Rain, mud and salty roads can spell bad news for your trusty steed, accelerating wear and tear. The last thing you need when you’re out riding in the cold and wet is a mechanical – let’s face it, you should be congratulating yourself for not succumbing to the temptation of the sofa or the bus home. So what are the most important ways to look after your bike through the cold months?


Winter Bike Maintenance Tip #1 - Lube your drivetrain


Top cycling mechanics will tell you that most cyclists aren’t using the right lubricant on their drivetrain, ‘lubing’ in the wrong way or, even worse, applying no lube at all to their chain. A bicycle’s drivetrain (the gears, chain and crankset – basically, all the components used to ‘drive’ the bike along) features a number of highly expensive parts, which are all integral to its performance – so, investing in some decent lube is a smart decision, with wet lube being the most sensible choice at this time of year – wet lube lasts a long time and works well in the adverse British climate.

How to use wet lube

Apply the lube to a clean, degreased chain: best then to lube straight after you have cleaned your bike (read on to find out how important this is), running through all the gears to ensure it reaches all those hard to get places. Use a rag to wipe off any excess lube and ta-da: a drivetrain fit for a King.

How often to lube your bike chain?

The question of how often to lube your drivetrain is a difficult one, as it depends on how much you use your bike, however in general a weekly check should be sufficient.

Get some lube


Winter Bike Maintenance Tip #2 - Fit some mudguards


Bike fashionistas take note: mudguards are the new cool. All the best cyclists in the world fit mudguards to their bikes in the winter – nobody wants to come back home or arrive at the office in a complete state. Fashion aside, mudguards can fit on just about any bike and as well as keeping the water and slush away from your rear end, will also protect areas of your bike that, much like cats, don’t like getting wet.

Mudguards: good cycling etiquette

Your friends will also thank you for fitting a mudguard, as a rear mudguard will prevent you spraying cold water into your mates’ faces when they are cycling behind you. This considered, a mudguard may actually encourage your peers to come riding with you on those tough winter days when the sofa’s calling. If benefitting your friends and your bike still hasn’t quite sold you, then how about this: mudguards can actually improve your performance. No matter how funny it may be spraying someone in the face for three hours, keeping yourself warm and dry on a winter ride is priority number one. Mudguards will stop unwanted spray from covering your feet and body, keeping you in peak condition to push that bit harder this winter.

Choose a pair of mudguards


Winter Bike Maintenance Tip #3 - Clean, clean and clean again


It may be the last thing you feel like doing after a long few hours in the saddle, but cleaning your bike often will pay dividends in the long run. Despite the best efforts of mudguards, your bike will almost always accumulate a degree of mud and dirt, so cleaning it after each winter ride is imperative.

How to clean your bike

All you need is a bucket of warm water and a sponge to get the worst of the mess off the key areas of your bike – a set of bike-cleaning brushes are an added bonus for getting to those hard-to-reach areas. Tempted to use Fairy Liquid? Plain water would be preferable, as the detergents in regular soap can strip the lube (see above) from your components – or even better, use some bike-specific cleaner, which is both more efficient at cleaning the grime off, and will protect your bike from muck and mud next time. Making this part of your regular routine will help keep your bike in tip-top shape, allowing you to get the most out of its performance and have fun this winter.

See bike cleaning products


Winter Bike Maintenance Tip #4 - Fit the right tyres


If you’ve been soldiering on with the same lighter-weight tyres you used last summer, it’s definitely worth swapping them out for some heavier-duty, more resistant tyres to cope with the differing demands of winter. You’ll still get plenty of use out of them, before you need to swap back to summer slicks. You don’t want to be that poor soul stranded in the middle of nowhere, changing a tyre in the dark with fingers too cold to function. Brrrr.

Finding the perfect winter bike tyre

The key things to look out for in pursuit of the perfect winter tyre are:

  • Traction
  • Puncture resistance
  • Width

Factor an element of each into your tyre choice this winter, and you’ll be much less likely to find yourself having to limp home on an ever-flatter tyre.

Lower your tyre pressure for the winter

The other thing to consider is tyre pressure, as when the roads are wet, running on a lower pressure can increase the contact area with the ground, improving your grip significantly. We’re not talking flat, but if you like to pump up your road tyres to 130 psi in the summer, then dropping them down a little for the wet-weather season should help keep you nice and secure in the saddle.

Choose some winter tyres


And lastly – if all this sounds like a lot of work…

Winter Bike Maintenance Tip #5 - Buy a Winter bike


A winter bike need not cost the earth and to be honest, a good winter bike can receive plenty of use all year round. Right now, we have a number of winter road bike deals from a range of top brands that will help you strike that balance between affordability, performance and comfort.

See our winter bike deals

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