2020 Bosch Performance CX E-Bike Motor - What's new?

Words by David Hicks

on 18/06/2019 16:49:58


Words by Tom Worsfold

Ten Years of E-Bike Technology

Bosch are a name synonymous with the E-Bike movement, and are the largest motor brand in the performance E-Bike category. Having been on the scene for over 10 years, Bosch have spearheaded the way for practical, reliable systems, and are often seen as a benchmark when it comes to motor quality - so how have they improved their already impressive Performance Line CX motor?

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So, what's new?

Although a fantastic system, it was hard to deny that the previous edition had some flaws, especially when compared to the newer svelte, lightweight Brose and Shimano systems. The Performance CX was beginning to show its age in comparison and whilst hugely reliable, the sheer size was a limiting factor to manufacturers wishing to push the boundaries in E-Bike geometry. Cue the 2020 Performance CX - 50% of the size, 25% less weight and a whopping 340% pedal support!

But that's not all, Bosch have also released the PowerTube 625 battery, an uber compact battery with, you guessed it, 625wh capacity, that can charge to 50% in in under 90 minutes meaning the bike will be ready to go when you are.


Size Matters

There is no denying it, weight is the crux of the E-Bike puzzle. Despite adding stability, the increased weight of a battery and motor does hamper performance for eMTB's through jumps and corners, having a noticeable effect on the bike's agility and handling. The 2020 Performance CX looks to minimise this gap through a 25% decrease in motor weight, with Bosch dropping the weight to a very slight 2.9kg, as well as reducing the overall size by 50% to create a cleaner bike profile.

This reduction is size has far more than just a visual benefit, giving increased clearance and offering cycle manufacturers the ability to create a sleek, integrated product with improved geometry. Wait - how could it change geometry? This is arguably one of the most beneficial aspects to this new-generation motor. The smaller dimensions allow for shorter, nimbler chainstay measurements, which in turn give a livelier and more engaging ride, as well as making it far easier to lift the front of the bike over obstacles and during manuals. Smaller, lighter, better than ever, but the benefits do not stop there...


Feature Packed

The 2020 Performance CX also includes a new and improved �eMTB mode�, an intelligent motor assist set by the rider's power output that is designed to deliver consistent power without the need to change modes manually. This is well paired with the new increase in power, with overall support levels moving from 300% to 340%, as well as seeing modulation improvements to enable smoother transition in speed. This is highly notable when in Turbo mode and when the 25km/h barrier is met, with speed transitions being less perceptible thanks to the improved sensitivity and the motors new ability to decouple and reduce drag. UK riders will be happy to note that the small chainring design of the previous motor has been done away with in favour of a standard 104bcd chainring model, with the former causing many British rider's headaches with mud clearance and dropped chains.


Bosch 2020 Performance CX

  • Smaller: 50% size reduction
  • Lighter: 25% weight reduction
  • Increased power
  • Smoother transitions with improved modulation
  • Powertube 625wh battery options
  • App integration for Android & Apple platforms
  • Standard 104bcd chainring options

Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for more information and to see upcoming models equipped with the Bosch 2020 Performance CX system! Alternatively, visit our Bosch eMTB Expert certified branch at Rutland Cycling Whitwell to find out more.

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