Ask the Bike Doc: 11. "Getting back in the saddle after an injury"

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 17:51:00


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SH: Got any tips to inspire me to get back onto a bicycle after injuring myself in April last year?

Bike Doc: Hi SH, Sorry to hear about your accident. Getting back onto the bike after an accident is always a tricky one and can often be quite nerve-racking. Try and go for a ride in a familiar area with some friends. Keep the pressure off yourself, so don't set any lofty targets to try and beat.
After a nasty accident a couple of years ago, the thought of getting back out on the bike was often what kept me smiling when I started to get cabin fever from being off the bike for so long.
We run a weekly night ride from our Whitwell store if you ever find yourself in Rutland on a Tuesday evening and fancy a ride with like-minded individuals. All the best.

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