#TeamRutland | Behind the Scenes With Chris Teagles

Words by Tom Worsfold

on 12/03/2020 14:34:50


Words by #TeamRutland ambassador Chris Teagles. Photography by Marcus Charter

Behind the MT500 Jacket Photoshoot

When it came to shooting the MT500 Jacket I had a few ideas in mind. Calling in the help from a good friend and fellow photographer meant I could really push the envelope with some creative ideas.


On the day we shot the jacket it was typically quite warm and dry. No matter though, I had worked out a way to produce a set of punchy images, perfectly demonstrating the waterproof capabilities of the MT500 Jacket. The principle was simple, off camera flashes, a hosepipe and a willing assistant (Thanks Max!) was all that we needed.


The set up was simple, a flash placed behind to backlight the water. This would also perfectly freeze the motion of the water which is really important to create a dynamic effect. Then all that was needed was another flash to light me, this was placed off to the side of the camera to create some shadow and a moody feel to my portrait. We tested the setup without the water first (let's call it a dry run!) to make sure the lighting was right. Once we were ready, we used the hosepipe to create the rain effect. Shooting it directly up in the air allows it to fall and give the more natural feeling of rain. Then all that was left to do was bring in our assistant to hold the hose pipe and keep shooting away until we got the result we wanted.


Then a quick edit in photoshop to make the image as punchy as possible and we were left with the end result. As you can see the yellow of the jacket pops really nicely and the dynamic effect of the water and the flash is perfect. Coupled with my best attempt at a serious face (Quite tricky when you've just had freezing cold water fired into your ear!) and we had created a great image. Thanks again to Marcus for executing my idea so perfectly!

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Chris Teagles

Instagram: christeagles

Riding bikes started two years ago, as a new way to keep fit and quickly it developed into a great way to escape sitting at my desk, and an amazing way to see more of the world. Despite living in the rather flat Northamptonshire I am a keen mountain biker and whenever time allows I am in the car, heading to Scotland, Wales or the Peak district. I love the adventure and variety of a natural ride but it's always great to hit a trail centre and revel in fantastic man-made berms, jumps and drops. Getting on my bike and turning my legs clears my mind like nothing else. I love the connections I've made and the people I have experienced some truly amazing adventures with.

I don't think there is anything quite the same as pointing my bike downhill and threading my way through some sweeping singletrack, rocky bridleways or rooty woodland. It's one of the best things in the world and I love sharing that experience with other people. Over my relatively short time mountain biking I have inspired other people to get out on their bikes - sharing my love for this sport is really important to me and I can't wait to inspire more people to join me. I'm a firm believer that anyone can ride a mountain bike anywhere in the world, it's not all about fancy kit and amazing trails, it's about getting out there and having fun.

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