Best turbo trainers of 2022

Best Turbo Trainers of 2022

Turbo trainers. Smart trainers. Rollers. If you haven’t got one for those bitterly cold winter nights (or to avoid missing Love Island), then you’re missing out.

Turbo trainers are stationary machines that generate resistance similar to that found on the road. By placing the back wheel on a roller or attaching the chain to a drive unit, you may connect your bike to the turbo.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just enjoy the ride- there’s a turbo for you, thanks to the wealth of manufacturers and models that have made their way onto the market over the past few years. Here we delve into our top 9. Yes really, nine.


Tacx Neo 2t

Experience total immersion, complete stillness and the most comfortable ride with the Tacx Neo 2T Smart trainer, the ultimate indoor training tool.The Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer is one of the highest performing direct-drive trainers ever built, with power accuracy within 1%, wireless connectivity, and a realistic real-road feel.

The Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer is one of the highest performing direct-drive trainers ever built, with power accuracy within 1%, wireless connectivity, and a realistic real-road feel (even more so with the addition of the Tacx Neo Motion Plates.

It is feature rich, with a range of user-friendly features for casual riders and up to 2200W of resistance to keep the most competitive of zwift racers satisfied.

Wahoo Kickr V5

Eagerly anticipated by riders of the indoor revolution, the KICKR V5 seamlessly combines all the indoor training innovations that have earned Wahoo its name. Over it’s little brother the Kickr Core, the V5 features higher max watts and incline (2200W and 20% vs 1800W and 16%), plus convenient carry handle, easy adjustability for different wheel sizes without the need for riser blocks, and axis feet which give an improved feel out the saddle or when sprinting.

All Wahoo trainers are compatible with the Kickr Climb and Kickr Headwind.

These additions will help to create a more immersive experience, with the Headwind fan speed able to be calibrated to your heart rate or in game speed.

ETC X5-2

ETC's X5 Smart Turbo Trainer provides a great entry point into the world of smart trainers, with a modern design and attractive price. Linking Wirelessly to a training app of your choice, the ETC X5 Smart Trainer offers a full range of terrains.

It is portable and compact and provides up to 2000 watts and a 20% maximum gradient with quiet running. It is IOS/Android/Windows compatible, and contains an inbuilt power meter with +/- 2% accuracy.

With performance comparable to much more expensive smart trainers, and with a free cassette for a limited time, the ETC X5-2 should be in your shortlist.


Elite Direto

If you're looking for a smart trainer but are put off by the high prices demanded by some of the top models, the Direto is a more affordable option with no performance compromises. It’s a credible alternative to those more expensive high-end trainers for the vast majority of people, rather than something you choose because your budget won't stretch to a Kickr or other premium offering.

It’s 4.2kg flywheel gives a realistic road feel and it can connect wirelessly to popular training apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Saris H3

The Saris H3 is the brands flagship direct drive trainer, offering improved internals that accomodate 2% power accuracy and near-silent performance.

With a sturdy build and wide legs, you’ll be able to go full gas in sprints and hard efforts. See the additional information in the video below.


Wahoo kickr Core

Offering much of the same functionality of its bigger brother the Kickr V5, the Kickr Core punches above its weight at a sensible price point.

It doesn’t have the same adjustability, power accuracy or carry handle of the Kickr V5, however it runs near silently, offers fantastic value for money and is compatible with the Headwind Fan and Kickr Climb.

Tacx Flux 2

It connects to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and ANT+(FE-C) to provide real-time metrics on your RPMs, BPMs, and cadence, allowing you to assess your performance mid-ride and adjust your goals appropriately. You can use apps like Tacx Desktop app and Zwift with the same connectivity.

The Tacx Flux 2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer's power measurements have improved to within 2.5 percent accuracy.

The maximum slope has increased to 16.6%, and the 7.6kg flywheel adds to the super-realistic inertia. One of the quietest turbochargers available.

Tacx Flux S

FLUX S Smart interfaces with a variety of popular training apps, including TrainerRoad and Zwift, using Bluetooth® Smart technology and the ANT+® FE-C protocol.

The Flux S offers great performance while undercutting a lot of other smart trainers on price.

The only downside is that it’s less portable than some of the competition, with a 23.6kg weight and lack of folding legs for storage.

Wahoo Kickr Snap

Despite being a wheel on trainer in this list, the Kickr Snap is still a smart trainer, meaning it can still simulate hills and descents on your favourite training apps, and offers ERG mode to provide the right amount of resistance when training.

The maximum power output is 1,500 watts, and the maximum grade simulation is 12%. ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, iOS and Android support, and more are all included.

To measure cadence, you'll need to purchase a cadence sensor separately.

Saris M2
Saris M2 #2

Saris M2

The Saris M2, an affordable wheel-on smart trainer, offers a great introduction to indoor training without the high price tag of direct drive trainers.

The M2 uses a resistance roller which sits against the rear tyre and can measure power with an accuracy of +/-5%.

With ant+ and Bluetooth connectivity, it is capable of connecting to on-bike sensors and online training apps like Zwift.

ETC Flow 8

If you’re after a super simple budget trainer, then we have got you covered with the ETC Flow 8. Noise is kept to a minimum with a magnetic resistance unit so you’re free to listen to your favourite music while riding.

8 levels of resistance are easily switchable with a handlebar mounted lever and a front wheel riser block is included.

Wahoo Kickr Core

Take Your Indoor Training To The Next Level

Wahoo Kickr Bike

The Kickr Bike is Wahoos flagship trainer packed full of the companies latest and greatest technology. For example, the trainer can pitch forwards and backwards to replicate climbs and descents on your favourite training app giving a more immersive feel. The shifters are fully customisable to replicate your road bike (Shimano Sram or Campag).

The trainer is fully adjustable to suit riders between 152cm and 192cm, with crank arm lengths between 165mm and 175mm.


TacX Neo Bike

The Tacx Neo Bike has been designed from the ground up to give a realistic cycling experience. It’s a great looking fully featured indoor bike for those who are serious about indoor training.

This bike boasts a heavy flywheel for greater inertia and road feel, plus it can vibrate when your virtual ride passes over different road surfaces to replicate anything from asphalt to gravel to cobblestones.

There is an inbuilt 4.5 inch display, a tablet holder and a pair of fans for staying cool when you’re pushing hard.


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