BMX bikes - a helpful guide

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 18:00:00

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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes: what are they like to ride?

BMX bikes are built for fun. They have small, highly manoeuvrable frames, a single fixed gear and they're tough as tanks (well, almost). Little kids love them because they can take as much abuse as they can throw at them and bigger kids love them for the stunts they can pull on them - hitting the ramps, tackling street tricks, pounding the trails or dirt jumping.

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Technical stuff

  • BMX started as a sport - bicycle motocross - and relies on tough, hardy little bikes designed to take a lot of abuse over short distances.
  • BMX bikes are built for durability and manoeuvrability, not speed
  • Small, sturdy frames keep the centre of gravity down for stability and make them sturdier
  • Small, tough wheels with chunky tyres are good for handling dirt and mud, but aren't great for speed or comfortable over distance

Suitable for:

Children and stunt cyclists

Best for:

  • Stunts and tricks
  • Dirt riding

Avoid if:

  • You want to travel long distances (see touring bikes)
  • You want a comfortable ride (see hybrid bikes)
  • You have a need for speed (see road bikes)

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