2019 Brompton Electric Guide

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 23/10/2018 10:17:10


When you think of a commuter bike, a Brompton will probably come to mind first. Famous for their sleek designs paired with usability, the brand have stamped their British mark on the folding bike market. Dreamed up by Andrew Ritchie in his flat in South Kensington, Brompton remains a truly British company with all of their bikes being hand brazed in London. With the increase in popularity of electric bikes it was only a matter of time before someone said "Well what about commuters?!", surely the idea of cycling to work, between meetings and enjoying a longer route home could be made far more accessible, if not fun, by the introduction of electricity.


Brompton Electric is the brand new addition to the Brompton fleet and opens the door to a faster and more enjoyable ride. Designed with their philosophy in mind, bringing independence and freedom in urban spaces, the Brompton Electric solves the many issues of e-bikes in cities. In this article we will give you all the details about this bike and what makes it stand out from all other commuter bikes.

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About the bike

With most electric bikes the batteries are fully integrated into the frame, but Brompton decided to go against the trend and placed the battery in a removable bag on the front of the bike. What benefit does this have for the rider? By having a removable battery, riders can fold the bike and carry the battery at the same time, perfect for jumping on the train or getting in a taxi. The battery has a 30-70km range (depending on usage: tyre pressure, how much you accelerate, and wind) making it ideal for the daily commute. The battery takes around 3.5 hours to charge from flat, ideal if you are only in the office for a few hours, and comes with three different modes: low, medium, and high assistance, and the no assistance mode. The battery has a maximum power output of 250W and will reach speeds up to 25km/h.


The full weight of the bike comes in at a small 16.6kg, making the Brompton Electric the lightest e-bike currently on the market. The motor comes with a smart sensor technology, assisting you when you need the extra nudge up the hills and into the headwind. You can opt for either 2-speed or 6-speed gearing, meaning you can tailor your bike to your riding conditions. The bike comes equipped with the essential shoulder bag for the battery bag, but an optional 20l City bag can be bought which will carry a laptop or any of your essential items alongside your battery.


Despite the increase in housing required to fit the electric motor, the Brompton Electric still folds down to the same size as its non-electric counterparts. Meaning the Brompton Electric can still be taken onto trains and fits perfectly under your desk. The bike also comes with mudguards as standard, essential for those wetter days.

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Unfortunately you cannot fully customise the Electric bike like you can with the normal Bromptons, but there is still the option to tailor the bike to your riding. The bike comes as either black or white, Brompton decided to stick to these colours to distinguish the Electric range from the others. There are three different seatpost lengths allowing for a greater range in bike height. You are able to choose your handlebars. M Type provides a medium-upright, neutral feel, whilst the H Type gives a more upright ride.

Brompton 2019 Folding Electric Bike

Brompton 2019 Folding Electric Bike

RRP: £2594.99

  • Frame - Folding w/L type rear (mudguard)
  • Lights - 20 Lux Busch & M�ller LYT
  • Battery - Brompton 300Wh with built in LED display
  • Sensors - Contactless bottom bracket torque and cadence sensor
  • Brakes - Dual pivot brakes

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