#TeamRutland | Chris Teagle's Burgtec Products Review

Words by Tom Worsfold

on 31/10/2019 15:30:23


Words by #TeamRutland ambassador Chris Teagles

A while back we kitted Chris's Stumpjumper out with some bling Burgtec components, a British brand with a background in DH racing and an eye for top aesthetics. Find out how he got on with them below!


Quality over Quantity

Its been a while since I found out that my bike was in for a good dose of Burgtec. Red seemed an obvious choice, complementing the existing red Specialized logos and adding a lovely pop of colour to the chainring, stem and bars. They really sit nicely on that matte carbon frame. Aesthetics aside, these are some quality components well built and long lasting. Even the grips; I honestly haven't run a set of grips for this long without seeing some sign of wear.

Bartender Pro Grips

The Bartender Pros still look brand new - despite a lot of use and the occasional crash that would have ruined the ends on a set of lesser grips. These things just keep going! It's always a good sign when you go out and buy yourself something you have on test. The Bartender Pro's are attached to a set of ride wide alloy bars which I'm also running - I'm not going to talk about subtle changes in back-sweep and upsweep because I'm not that savvy. What I can say is they feel solid and my riding position feels spot on. I was starting to experience some wrist pain and since fitting the Burgtec stuff I think a combination of cockpit setup and grip choice has alleviated it completely.


Penthouse Composite Flat Pedals

The product that I was most excited about were the pedals, I have coveted the well-known Penthouse flats for some time now, lusting after their perfectly machined shape and aggressive design. I was very interested when Burgtec released the composite pedals - much to my delight a set of black composite pedals arrived in the box along with the other goodies. These things are great, probably the best grip I've got from a set of pedals. With added benefit of not feeling like they are chewing up the bottom of my shoes after one ride.


The design is identical to the alloy pedals, just half the price. I was worried being composite would mean they would last 5 minutes and the bearings would be ruined after a few pedal strikes. These things just keep going and going. Yes the body of the pedals has taken some hits (it seems I'm not a very smooth peddler when riding rocks!) there are marks and gouges but the pins are still firmly in place and the pedals spin perfectly on the axles with no play at all. I am seriously impressed. If you are looking for a set of budget pedals that perform like some of the best in the business, get some. You will not regret it.


Its not all about performance, sometimes its just about making your bike look cool. Adding a touch of personalisation to a stock bike is a really satisfying thing to do and Burgtec are a great company to turn to for both aesthetics and performance.

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