The 2018 Cube Agree C62 SL - Staff Rider Review

Words by Harry Archer

on 25/05/2018 12:50:16


Article written by Peter Bruce, Assistant Manager at Rutland Cycling Barnwell Road

''Light as a feather, fast as a bullet''

Most product reviews are clinical and seemingly obsessed with the facts and figures involved, and whilst this will certainly be a core part of this review - delivering everything on paper that you need to know - we at Rutland Cycling appreciate that one of the most important aspect of any bike, is how it speaks to you, and how it feels. This bike has heart, character, and a beautiful setup that makes it one of the best rides I have experienced to date.


Read on to hear me discuss my initial and lasting thoughts on the very first 'in the saddle' experience of what is looking to be a landmark bike from a brand known for its precision, build quality and great customer reviews. This, is the 2018 Cube Agree C62 SL.

The Brand

Cube is a German brand, which started out in 1993 and grew from a very small operation to a global network comprising of stores across the globe, and delivering industry leading bicycles in nearly all sectors of the bike world. From your average commuter bike, to time trial carbon fibre race-winning machines.

The Cube Agree C62 SL is poised right at the top end of our display range at our Barnwell Road store, Cambridge. It represents one of the lightest carbon frames in their arsenal, coupled with a stunning and smooth Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. So, right off the bat we are looking at a bike built for speed and accuracy. Lovely.

Cube themselves describe the bike as 'the kind of bike capable of practically flying up the climbs - and doing so one gear higher than the competition'. They're not joking. I've reached and maintained speeds I never thought possible, and every step of the way I was smiling.


The Specs

Let's get down to the nitty gritty of what the Agree C:62 SL has onboard;

The main appeal for most is the frame - meticulously engineered by the boffins at Cube, the C:62 range delivers a bike which weighs just over 7kg and looks just great, with curves and angles to die for. Secondly, the groupset,which is the impressive Shimano Ultegra Di2 8050. Welcome to the electronic shifting age! With 22 gears, the Di2 kit allows lightning responsiveness, programmable shifters and self-aligning derailleurs to ensure it's perfect every ride. The wheels are Fulcrum Racing 44 Aeros with quick release, and the saddle is a supportive yet comfortable Selle Royal Asphalt.

CUbe agree 1.3

First Impressions

I am historically a single speed fixie rider - but even with that I was out there taking part in charity rides and bike events, getting stuck in with the more professional riders, and loving being the underdog in the group. I've tried a few road bikes over the years, but nothing ever in the league of the Agree. Therefore, I came into this bike with no preconceptions or expectations as to what it may feel like to ride. So, if you're curious about this bike, or any others in the Carbon Fibre range, then read on! Here comes an 'average joe' review of the bike and its abilities - from the viewpoint of first timer in this class.


On my daily commute, I start out in the rolling hills of the countryside - with its mix of smooth sweeping roads that make you glad to be alive, to potholed, muddy tractor-infested farm tracks - not so nice. Early impressions were great - they weren't lying about this bikes ability to get up to speed. The frame is super stiff, but responsive, and it truly felt as though every ounce of power input was being transferred to the tarmac. The tyres, from Continental are grippy, but smooth. The bike handles well on most surfaces, but like any bike of this type it needs to be treated with respect - it's important to understand its grip and handling limitations over, say a mountain bike. This bike is designed for streamlined speed, front and foremost - but it holds up pretty strongly in the real world too.

Cube somemor agree 4

The mid to end of my route brings me into Cambridge city, with its stop start traffic, bustling streets and varied road surfaces. The bike is in its element. The Di2 shifting is smooth as silk (making an awesome motor noise when shifting!) and the intelligent controls allow me to jump up and down the gears instantaneously, always giving me the gear I need, when I need it.


  • Light frame - the C:62 carbon is a dream.
  • Efficient (doesn't wear you out like other heavier bikes).
  • It looks fantastic - the Cube design team know what they are doing!
  • Incredible gear system - so long cable operated gears! This is the future.
  • It's got a geometry that feels natural - blending comfort with some road-based urgency


  • This is a bike at the racier end of the spectrum - still comfortable but stiff enough to mean you feel everything. It's a double edged sword - you know exactly what's going on in terms of grip and handling, but on the flip side, the vibrations from rough road surfaces can be tough on the wrists if you're not used to this kind of ride.


This bike, simply put, feels right. The pro's certainly outweigh the cons, and if you try one of these, or any other Carbon Fibre bike in our stores, we are confident you will fall in love with the concept just like I did.

Cube Agree C:62 SL 2018

Cube agree 7

Cube's Agree C:62 SL 2018 is the kind of bike that's capable of flying up the climbs with its low weight and then carve back down with its agile, racing geometry. Crafted from super stiff C:62 carbon fibre, the Agree C:62 SL 2018 is responsive under power and considerably lighter than a standard carbon frame. Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset components provide precision electronic shifting with the ability to auto trim the front mech so you can keep your mind on the competition. Newmen finishing kit is light and high performance to round off a performance spec.

  • Frame - C:62 Carbon
  • Fork - C:62 Carbon
  • Drivetrain - Shimano Ultegra Di2 22 Speed Electronic
  • Brakes - Shimano Ultegra R8010 Calliper

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