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on 04/01/2018 12:57:49

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The CUBE Reaction range is a well established and highly revered range of Hardtail mountain and electric bikes from German-based brand CUBE. With each bike that comes out of their factory rigorously checked at their in house laboratory, you can be sure that a lot of hard work and innovation is put in by the company in order to present the best possible bikes to the market. 2018 has seen a number of exciting new technological and geometrical developments within the Reaction range, ensuring that the Reaction will remain at the top-end of bikes within their class. This guide intends to give you a quick run through of what's new this year, for more detailed information visit one of our stores or contact us via phone or email.

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Featured Technology

C:62 - Light and stiff in equal measure, CUBE'S C:62 frame material is made with a carbon content of 62%. The high carbon content is achieved during production by using three integrated techniques such as advanced Twin Mould - minimising imprecise overlaps by accurately fitting individual carbon layers' overlap regions during the monocoque building process. The result is a frame with no superfluous weight - every gram counts. CUBE also use a solid core in the centre of the frame during the manufacturing process, which is removed when the frame is finished. This reduces the build up of folded material and increases the safety and integrity of their frames. An extraordinary combination of materials is needed to make the best quality carbon. By using High Modulus fibres, CUBE have made the C:62 frame extremely stiff. Finely dispersed nanoparticles are integrated in the resin that bonds the two carbon layers and thanks to these tiny particles, the durability of the frame is improved - and it's also less sensitive to impacts and better able to withstand external forces.

CUBE High Performance Aluminium - To create as strong an aluminium frame as possible, CUBE have used a special alloy in combination with a hardening heat treatment. Triple or even quadruple butting of the raw aluminium allows them to use the minimum quantity of material, because wall thickness can be adjusted according to load. They also use specifically designed hydro-formed tube shapes. These production processes, combined with the use of CUBE'S wet paint process (logos and lettering on polished or brushed frames are protected by several layers of wet paint),results in the creation of stiff, high performance frames with unique looks. The proprietary Advanced Mechanical Forming process allows them to tweak tube characteristics without tedious and complex welding requirements. It's a manufacturing method that improves both appearance and function: Happy days!

Stealth Dropper Post - Dropper seat posts are posts that can be raised or lowered while riding with the push of a button. They've come a long way since the early days of spring powered,temperamental 'dropper' posts of the early 90s and are now regularly seen on the trails. Dropper posts allow you to have complete control of your saddle height allowing you to keep it high for efficient pedalling on the flat and move it lower for descents to move the saddle away from your delicate places.

Boost Rear End - A new drop-out standard that widens the hubs on your wheels, growing the front axle by 10mm and the rear axle by 6mm. This creates a wider bracing angle for the spokes which contributes to a stiff and strong wheel which is always a good thing!

Air Sprung Forks - Lighter than a coil sprung fork with a progressive compression rate and soft initial travel that increases as more compression is applied. These forks are lighter and thus better for climbing and agility due to a lighter front end. You will have to make more adjustments than you would with a coil sprung fork, but the benefits are definitely worth the extra time spent with set-up and maintenance.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Using a sealed, fluid filled system instead of a cable(mechanical disc brakes). Hydraulic brakes are the most efficient brakes on the market, with reduced friction and the highest level of braking consistency and modulation. A definite addition for fast riders that need to be able to stop quickly and safely whilst out on the trail.

Agile-Ride-Geometry - This is a design style where the rear end is shortened and the geometry of the frame is meticulously tested to ensure maximum mobility and drag reduction. Specifically designed for mountain bikes, the revised geometry allows for more comfort on the climbs and increased agility on the descents.

Thru- Axle - In place of more traditional quick release axles, Thick Thru-axles allow for a stiffer and more responsive ride by making the wheel's rigidity increase by inserting directly into the fork. This allows more more symmetric forces to be supplied to the forks and suspension. Overall this creates a smoother and controlled feel to the bike, with the added thickness reducing the risk of splitting your axle after a particularly big jump.

The all-new Reaction range for 2018

CUBE Reaction Pro Hardtail

With a completely reworked frame for 2018 with new features such as a Boost rear end and Stealth dropper post combine to create a fantastic base for this performance-orientated, all round hardtail to develop from. The spec list is bursting with high quality components that won't let you down. From the easy adjustability of the air sprung RockShox fork to the slick reliability of Shimano's 2x11 transmission, this is a bike that's perfect for some fast single-track action. Speed, comfort and control - now that's a combination you can get behind.

CUBE Reaction Race Hardtail

The Reaction Race will take everything that you've got and translate it into rapid forward progress. Much like the Pro it has been Completely reworked for 2018, taking all the best bits of the previous Reaction, making them better, and adding some completely new features including a Stealth dropper post cable routing and a thru axle rear end. With a ultra smooth RockShox Judy fork, powerful Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes and SRAM's Eagle GX 1x12 transmission, the Reaction Race sets new standards in its class. This is a bike that feels as good out on the trail as it does on the race course, guaranteed to get you from A to B quicker than anything else.

CUBE Reaction C:62

The Reaction C:62 is light, stiff, responsive and built for one purpose only: to go as fast as possible off-road. To that end, Cube have given it a complete makeover for 2018. Featuring fast-rolling 29 inch wheels, The new Reaction C:62 frame makes use of our C:62 carbon and is even lighter, even stiffer and even more responsive than the one it replaces. With a smooth air sprung fork, wheels built in-house at CUBE and a fast shifting, reliable Shimano SLX and XT 2x11 transmission, there's only one component missing from the Reaction C:62 - you.

Reaction TM

Cube Reaction TM 2018

The pinnacle of the aluminium Reaction range - the TM has some serious technical trail ability with 2.6 inch tyres and a 120mm Fox 34 Rhythm fork with Boost axle. A bit fatter and a bit longer than you'd normally find on a bike built for speed, but it appears CUBE figured that you wouldn't want a few rocks to get in the way. They've added a Shimano XT 1x11 transmission and Magura MT Trail hydraulic discs with four pistons at the front and two at the rear, for smooth and seamless stop-and-go ability. These components bolted to the new-for-2018 Reaction frameset, makes for the ultimate trail-taming - or race-winning - hardtail.

  • Frame - Aluminium Lite
  • Fork - Fox Shox 34 Rhythm 120mm
  • Drivetrain - Shimano XT/SLX 11 Speed
  • Brakes - Magura MT Trail Hydraulic Disc

CUBE Reaction SL

The SL uses mechanically formed, double butted 6061 aluminium tubes for low weight and superb acceleration and control whilst the Fully integrated, sealed bearing headset contributes to long life, low stack height and accurate steering? Internal cable routing for all cables including a future upgrade to a Stealth dropper post and a Thru axle rear end for even greater torsional rigidity is all Put together with CUBE'S Agile Ride Geometry for the ride-by-wire nimbleness you'd expect from a CUBE race bike. Fox's plush 32 Rhythm fork, Shimano's peerless XT transmission and brakes and fast-rolling, CUBE-built wheels complete a package that's ready to rock.

Cube c62 pro reaction

Cube Reaction C:62 Pro 2018

The C:62 Pro frame represents a further refinement of the lightweight carbon hardtail concept. Featuring premium C:62 carbon and a shorter and stiffer rear end with a Boost thru axle thrown in for good measure, the result is improved tracking and steering, even sharper acceleration and, combined with CUBE'S Agile Ride Geometry (ARG), livelier handling all round. With a Press-Fit bottom bracket and integrated headset, the entire chassis is lighter than before, too. Slim seatstays and a 27.2mm seatpost help take some of the buzz out of the trail for greater comfort - good news if you like to ride not just hard, but long too. The RockShox Judy Gold offers easily adjustable, super-plush comfort and control whilst powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes mean you'll always be in control of your speed, no matter how steep, fast or technical the trail becomes.

  • Frame - C:62 Carbon
  • Fork - RockShox Recon Silver TK 100mm
  • Drivetrain - Sram GX Eagle 12 Speed
  • Brakes - Shimano Deore M6000 Hydraulic Disc

CUBE Reaction C:62 Race

With a redesigned frame for 2018 and a full selection of race-ready equipment, the Reaction C:62 Race has got everything that an aspiring racer could possibly need. A Fox 32 Rhythm fork with remote lockout, Shimano XT 2x11 transmission and brakes combined with Answer Atac AM wheelset and Schwalbe tyres leave no room for doubt: this is a bike that will allow you to perform at your very best. Internal cable routing keeps gear shifts clean and precise in even the worst riding conditions, as well as reducing the need for maintenance whilst a shorter rear end with Boost through axle and revised Agile Ride Geometry (ARG) means the C:62 Race handles better than ever.

c62 race black

CUBE Reaction C:62 Race 2018 Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bike Black


Mountain Bike Size Guide

Reaction c62 sl

CUBE Reaction C:62 SL 2018

Featuring a lighter, stiffer, better-handling frame built from their premium C:62 carbon, CUBE didn't skimp on the frame, and neither did they spare the pennies on the components. There's a full Shimano XT 2x11 transmission with matching hydraulic disc brakes for precise shifting and powerful stopping, a Fox 32 Float Performance fork to keep your front wheel planted and tracking straight and a lightweight Fulcrum Red 55 Boost wheelset shod with grippy Schwalbe tyres. You can rely on all this premium kit to get on with its job, so that you can get on with yours: chasing down that podium position.

  • Frame - C:62 Carbon
  • Fork - Fox 32 Float SC 100mm
  • Drivetrain - Shimano XT 22 Speed
  • Brakes - Shimano XT M8000 Hydraulic Disc
c62 eagle blacknyellow

CUBE Reaction C:62 Eagle 2018

Coming in at under 10kg, there is no doubt that the Reaction C:62 Eagle 2018 is light, but it's also exceptionally stiff- So if you're looking for the ultimate in lightweight, race-bred hardtails, your search is over. With components centred around SRAM's genre-busting Eagle 1x12 transmission and a brand new frame geometry for 2018 the Reaction C:62 Eagle is the bike that's capable of taking your fight right to the top of the podium. Premium C:62 carbon and refined frame details work in tandem with SRAM's precise, powerful transmission and brakes, a RockShox Reba RL fork and the all new NEWMEN evolution SL A.25 wheelset to deliver blistering performance to offer unmatched speed, power and control.

  • Frame - C:62 Carbon
  • Fork - RockShox Reba RL 100mm
  • Drivetrain - Sram X01 Eagle 12 Speed
  • Brakes - Sram Level TL Hydraulic Disc

Cube Reaction E-Bike Range

E-bikes are quickly becoming a regular sight out on the trails as the technology and performance of their motors improves year on year. This years CUBE Reaction E-Bike range is as extensive as the Hard tail range with a multitude of different frame options and geometries available. With the entry level Reaction Hybrid Pro 400 falling just below the all-important £2000 price point, you can be certain of an electric Reaction's value as well as its quality. With motor systems supplied by market leaders Bosch, the E-Bike range of Reactions are sure to be amongst the best-selling electric hybrids once again this year. To read more about the Bosch systems click here.

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