Cycle accessories - our helpful guide

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 18:04:00

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Back packs

All cycling ruck sacks are designed to fit snugly to your back. They're great for carrying water and everything else you need like bike tools and tubes for your great day out on a trail. Move up the range you'll get better ventilation to prevent your back getting sweaty and some include a water pouch which you can drink from using a tube while you ride. We sell back packs specially designed for all your biking equipment including clothes, provisions, helmet and tools.

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Cycling helmets

Women's Giro Skyla helmet

All our cycling helmets exceed the UK's legal safety standards - essential to ensure your helmet can protect your most vital organ, your brain. Basic helmets will protect you, but more expensive helmets offer improved ventilation, with more air vents to keep you cool during long mountain or road rides. They also include superior fitting systems to make them more comfortable and easily adjustable.

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Handlebar grips

The best handlebar grips are ergonomically designed rubber grips. They're designed to fit to your hand better so your weight on your handlebars is spread out more evenly, giving you a more comfortable ride, especially over long distances. We also sell gel and coated grips which offer great shock absorbing potential. Grips should be tough but soft enough to be comfortable - try a few to see what suits you.

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Car racks

Car racks can attach your bike to the roof, rear boot, or rear tow bar depending on which you prefer and the design of your car. Bikes can be tied or clamped securely in place by the wheels when on the roof, or by the crossbar if mounted on the boot (you can buy a converter for step-through frame designs). Some car racks include a built-in lock too.

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Cycling saddles

The Specialized Riva

Saddles come in a huge range of styles including solid leather, 'leatherette' coated or plain solid plastic, mattress saddles and sprung saddles, as well as gel and gelfoam. If speed is important, you should consider a solid plastic saddle that's lightweight and aerodynamic. If comfort matters more, think about getting a mattress saddle with additional gel inserts. Take a little time to consider which saddle will be best for you - after all, if you get it wrong, you'll soon feel it!

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Bike trailers

Trailers are becoming increasingly popular to help with the school run and trips to the shops. They can usually hold one or two children, and include seat belts so your little ones are strapped in snugly and safely. Moving up the range gets you extra storage and a more solid 'hard pan' floor. Most trailers include a window and sometimes an open window mesh for hot days. All trailers can be attached safely to your bike using a secure fastening and can be easily folded flat.

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Cycle pumps

A cycle pump with a 'smart head' connects with both Presta (road bike) and Schrader (mountain bike) valves so there's no need for adapters. The better pumps offer dual action pumping, so air is pumped into the tyre when you pull as well as when you push. We have small, lightweight pumps that won't weigh you down, as well as heavy duty foot pumps to keep and home and make sure you get optimum pressure for your tyres.

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Bike locks

Locking good: the Kryptonite Keeper Value armoured key cable lock

Bike locks come in two forms: keyed or keyless. Keyless systems use a combination system - very convenient, so long as you remember the code. We have locks in a wide variety of sizes and weights, including heavy-duty D-locks which will deter almost any thief.

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Turbo trainers

A turbo trainer lets you ride your bike indoors - no need to worry about keeping up your training schedule if the weather's bad, if you need to mind the kids or just want to watch TV while you ride. Wind trainers have a roller which spins fan blades to create air resistance - they tend to be cheaper but can get quite loud. Magnetic trainers use resistive magnets and are a bit quieter, but usually cost a little more. Fluid trainers use gel in specially fitted chambers and are the quietest trainers available.

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