Cycle to Work Guide

Words by Mark

on 09/12/2016 15:10:00

As fuel prices rise and cities become more congested, many people are turning to bicycles to take them to work. The government recognised the need for this shift in 1999 and introduced the Cycle to Work scheme, with the aim of encouraging people to commute in a healthier and more sustainable fashion. Since then over 400,000 people have purchased a bike with the help of this scheme.

Essentially, Cycle to Work is a tax break that can save you up to 42% on the cost of a new bike. The value of equipment purchased is deducted through your salary as a non-cash benefit, meaning you don't contribute any tax or national insurance. Your employer will technically own the bike and hire it out to you, whilst you pay for it through interest-free and tax-free instalments, including a final sum.

Although you won't officially own the bike until the final sum agreement, many people who have benefited from Cycle to Work have very positive experiences and continue to use it throughout their career. What are you waiting for?

How the Scheme Works

If you want to benefit from the Cycle to Work scheme, make sure you receive your salary by PAYE and earn more than national minimum wage after the proposed deductions. The scheme covers bikes and safety equipment like helmets, lights, mirrors and locks - anything you might need to make your commute safe and enjoyable. Some items that may be considered a luxury or unnecessary might not be covered, so it's worth asking one of our stores or sending us a message via email if you are not sure. From here, just follow these steps:

Step One - Choose your Bike and Equipment

Browse our range of bikes and equipment and select the products that suit you. For example, your daily commute might be a short, urban trip, a longer road ride or even an off-road trail. Whatever the case, you can browse our range of hybrids, road bikes and mountain bikes online or read our guides on your preferred style of riding.

Once you've established the ideal bike and accessories, make sure the value of products doesn't exceed £1,000 (exemptions apply). This is the amount you will pay back over a 12-month period through your salary. However, if an electric bike is better suited to your needs, we work with a specialist e-bike Cycle to Work provider who can process applications with a higher spending limit.

Reserve your products, pay a small refundable deposit and ensure not to miss out on the bike you've selected!

Step Two - Request Your Cycle to Work Certificate from your employer

A Cycle to Work voucher allows your employer to purchase the products you have selected. From here, you pay the cost back through interest-free salary deductions, but you will pay less income tax and national insurance overall as these come from your gross salary - hence the savings!

All your employer needs from us is a quote that declares the value of your bike and equipment. You can do this by asking in store or sending us an email, including your purchase details, at

Step Three - Hit the Road!

Once the above steps are completed, bring your voucher to us in store or email us at From here, we redeem the voucher with your employer or Cycle to Work provider and give you the bike and equipment you originally selected.

We know the benefits that cycling to work can bring, so work as fast and hard as we can to get your bike to you!