#TeamRutland | Ambassadors' Cycling goals for 2021

Words by Will Crump

on 05/01/2021 14:27:00


#TeamRutland - Goals for 2021

With 2020, the most frustrating year, finally at an end - it's time to dust off the bike and strive for greatness, whilst cycling in 2021! To help increase your cycling motivation, we have gathered our ambassadors and asked what their cycling goals are for the upcoming year and season! With a range of different disciplines covered by our ambassadors, you can be confident to find a goal that will inspire you!

When setting a goal or resolution of something that you aspire to achieve, it is often useful to set smaller goals that keeps you on track of achieving your bigger objective. By setting these smaller goals, you are single handedly increasing your motivation as every win is a big win. Your resolutions could be anything from increasing health and fitness to starting to compete - either way, cycling is arguably the most fun and enjoyable form of personal development!

Anyway, lets crack on with our Ambassadors goals...

Top 10 Cycling Resolutions for 2021!

Allen Norris


It's been a stinker of a year hasn't it?

There have been a few positives though, not just the superstars at the NHS or the fact we all came together to watch Tiger King (stay with me) it was of course massively positive for the world of cycling.

Like many during the first Lockdown I was working from home and outside my house it was amazing to see so many cyclists fly by. What was even more impressive was seeing so many women and families out there and enjoying their bikes. Well done everyone, but if you could keep it down I was getting jealous seeing you all while I was on Teams!

Hopefully some of the cycling gains will carry on next year as one of my goals for next year is to get as many people as possible cycling on some of the store rides from Whitwell. We had a couple of good rides just before the pandemic took hold in March and lots of people were loving the E-bikes.

Personally, (as some of you may know) I like to do an ultra-endurance fundraiser challenge where I take a sleeping bag, and cycle somewhere like Madrid, or Rome for charity. If life vaguely returns to normal, I am going to do the world's longest commute from the UK, to Norway (where my head office is) all for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice. After that I'll be heading on to Finland and I am tempted to go to Russia!

In the latter parts of the summer in 2020 I was piling on the miles dedicating every Sunday to do a 100+ mile ride and as soon as it gets warmer, I'll be doing that again.

I took part in the Red Bull Time Laps event and a few other Zwift based endurance events towards the latter part of 2020. As this seems the norm (for now) I'll be doing a few more before the spring that is for sure.

Whatever happens in 2021 I look forward to sharing it all with you all.

Lucy Sturgess


It's been a testing 2020 for us all and I certainly have felt the pressures this year. Cycling has kept me sane and I'm so thankful to have my bike and time on two wheels. It has got me outside, allowed for safe meet ups with fellow riders and given me a focus.

I only have a few low key goals for 2021 and they centre around just enjoying cycling. It's something I do because I love it. In the coming year I look forward to completing some long distance and epic rides and to explore new places. I hope this will include some touring to enjoy more time outdoors, plus mountains and some amazing scenic views!

Chris Teagles


In 2021 I'm really looking forward to riding some new trails. I got a real taste for some steeper more technical trails in Scotland earlier in the year and I want to revisit them and improve and build on my skills. Maybe a coaching session or two to see how I can improve. Something I really can't wait to get back to is some store social rides, local loops and away days you can't beat riding in a group and that's the one thing I have really missed in 2020.

One more thing I didn't think I would be excited for is getting out on a road bike more. Rutland very kindly lent me a Specialized Roubaix this year and I managed a tour of the Peak district, I'm keen to get back out and explore road riding a little bit more in 2021!

"I'm happy when I'm out on my bike so the main goal is just to ride as much as I can!"

Josh Wallis


God am I glad to see the back of 2020! But with a new year comes new opportunities and I can't wait for what new adventures may come. Last year I had focused my training around road racing the national series. Obviously that didn't really happen but it has given me chance to reassess.

2021 I am most excited to be riding and training with my mates again. It may not happen right away but cafe rides will be back and I personally can't wait. On top of this I am seeing how far I can get in the pursuit of speed and trading towards the National Time trial champs. I have never done this before so lots to learn and looking forward to what may be in store.

Lee Hopkinson


I would love to get the Grafham social rides back up and running, I really enjoy running these, getting to see new faces and hopefully allowing riders to try new things, distance, speed , terrain but most importantly having a good time! I'm looking forward to leading some Zwift lead social rides in the new year, which will be a new experience for me.

Racing; I have really missed the xc races this year, if things do return to some sort of normality then I will be looking at doing the following; Eastern series, Southern series, Midlands series, Selected nationals, National championships, the local Summer Friday night series and the Thetford Winter Series. I also wouldn't mind trying something further a field, like an international race or stage event.

I would also like to have another go at the Red Bull time lap challenge. I really enjoyed being part of the #TeamRutland setup this year.


This year I signed up with the Transition MTB coaching group, which I've seen some real positive outcomes with my training, just a shame I've not been able to put into practice with races and therefore will look to continue with them and make further gains.

Although all the above is important, I look forward to just being able to continue to enjoy riding, I've managed to ride over 6000 miles this year ( will be looking for a similar figure next year) and have enjoyed every single minute whether that is dedicated training time or just riding!

Although it's been a strange and challenging year I really enjoy being part of the #Teamrutland gang as well as part of the Grafham store!

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