New E-Bike Centre at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Words by Aaron Scott

on 09/03/2016 11:54:00

New E-Bike Centre at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

We are delighted to announce the opening of our dedicated e-bike centre at our Whitwell store, with over 40 bikes now available to buy and hire, come along and chat to one of our trained e-bike specialists today. The range varies from the more casual e-hybrid bikes from the likes of Raleigh and Ebco, to specific e-mountain bikes from Scott, Trek, Cube, Haibike, Specialized and Giant (available at our Giant Store Rutland).

Our unique e-bike centre is home to a 23 mile traffic-free route, which has a mix of terrain perfect to demo any e-bike, urban or MTB, and it's beautiful too. That's why we're delighted to announce that we will be hosting our very first e-bike demo day on Saturday 16th April at Whitwell, sign up below. We will be running fortnightly led e-bike MTB rides at our trail centre at Fineshade and Wakerley, so keep tuned to the rides & events page and our Facebook page for further information.

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Electric bikes are a common sight in European cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin, providing all the advantages of a regular bike, whilst reducing the strain on the body by giving you an assisted electronic boost. They're perfect if your ride or commute is just that little bit too long or hilly, or if you've got to carry a lot when you ride to and from where you need to be. You do still need to put some of the work in, but the battery power will give you a bit of a boost when you need it. They're also great if you're coming back from injury or struggle to ride longer distances, as they can allow you to cruise with ease, sail up hills, zoom to work or generally enjoy the pleasure that is riding a bike.

Most e-bikes have a number of different modes you can pedal in, which will change just how long the battery will last on your ride. The law in the UK restricts the power supplied by the motor in the bike to 25km/hour (roughly 15mph), so once you reach that speed you'll have to put in the work if you want to go any faster!

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Trek Superfly at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

E-Bike Motors

E-bikes predominantly use either a Yahama or a Bosch motor to power the ride, with both systems having their own strengths. There have been huge improvements in lithium battery technology in recent years, meaning this really is a new dawn for e-bike - so forget any preconception you've had from previous e-bikes.

Bosch motors are available in three different models and can be found on many Cube, Trek, Raleigh, Specialized and Scott bikes:

  • The Active Line has a 250W motor driving the cranks with 50Nm of torque
  • The Performance line offers an increased torque of 60Nm
  • The Performance CX has 75Nm of torque. Batteries across the board are 300-500W/h and all use Bosch's Intuvia display and controller

Whilst, much of our Haibike range is powered by a Yamaha motor and battery unit. The Yamaha motor offers similar performance and configuration to the Bosch units and has a torque of 70nm powering the cranks, with an easy to use LCD controller.

Finally, select Raleigh models and Ebco bikes come with TransX motors and batteries. These drive the front wheel with a 36V, 240W motor and offer great value for money.

Bosch Motors at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Our Range of E-Bikes

With a number of models available at our dedicated e-bike centre at Whitwell, here is a quick overview of each brands range.

Scott E-Bikes

Scott's electric range encompasses a range of different models, from full suspension mountain bikes to hybrids. The E-sub Tour range comes with either a traditional or step-through frame and uses a Bosch Active motor with a 400Wh battery. With integrated lock, light, rack and mudguards, this is a great touring or commuting bike. Further up the range, the E-Sub Sport offers a similar package but with the 60Nm Performance Line motor.

The E-Aspect is a cross country hardtail MTB, with 100mm of suspension travel and the choice of 29er or 27.5 wheels. All of the E-Aspects are powered by Bosch Performance Line 250W motors with 60Nm. The E-Spark is a cross country full suspension bike with 120mm travel and Performance CX motors with a punchy 75Nm of torque. Finally, the E-Genius is a trail bike with 140mm travel and a Performance CX motor. Scott offer this bike either with 29er wheels for fast rolling, or 27.5 + wheels for increased grip off-road.

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Scott E-bikes at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Haibike E-Bikes

New to Rutland for 2016 is Haibike. The German brand's range of electric mountain bikes has allowed it to become a key player in the e-bike industry. The SDuro HardSeven SL is a hardtail 27.5 inch mountain bike, featuring a Yamaha motor, which offers a snappy performance at a cracking price. This bike also comes in a women's specific version, the HardLife. The SDuro All Mountain offers the same Yamaha motor, but in a beefy 150mm full suspension version. While the XDuro Fullseven RC, is a cross-country full susser with a Bosch Performance CX motor. If you love the Haibike range but want a hybrid type of bike, they offer the SDuro Cross SL, featuring a Yamaha motor, a Suntour suspension fork and 700c wheels.

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Haibike E-bikes at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Trek E-Bikes

Trek's electric mountain bike, the Powerfly is available in both a hardtail, and a full-suspension bike. In turn, these are offered in either the standard or a '+' version, with a Performance and Performance CX motor respectively. They both utilise 27.5 inch wheels, which provide incredible acceleration and manoeuvrability.

New to the UK are Trek's Electra range of bikes, which are designed with comfort and style in mind. A bottom bracket located far in front of the saddle allows a relaxed riding position and means you can always get both feet on the floor - perfect for riding confidence. The power comes from a Bosch Active Line motor, while an 8spd hub gear allows maintenance free riding.

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Electra E-bikes at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Raleigh E-Bikes

Raleigh's range of e-bikes are perfect for those wanting an e-bike at exceptional value from one of Britain's most trusted brands''. The Forge, Captus and Motus are all hybrid bikes which feature aluminium frames, 63mm suspension forks, integrated lights, pannier rack and mudguards. The Forge has a TransX front drive motor, while the Captus and Motus offer Bosch Active Line motors.

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Raleigh E-bikes at Rutland Cycling Whitwell

Specialized E-Bikes

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Ebco E-Bikes

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