Rutland Cycling E-Bike Owners' Club

Words by David Hicks

on 22/02/2018 10:44:12


We love electric bikes here at Rutland Cycling. We love the stories that our customers tell us about them, we love learning about their daily advancements but most of all we just absolutely love riding them. We know that you guys love riding them too, but sometimes find meeting like-minded people difficult. We aim to stop that - bringing all of our customers closer together to explore new routes, trade tips and most importantly of all have fun.

With the E-Bike Owners' Club, you'll find the following:

  • Exclusive rides & events
  • Free demo bike usage for yourself or a friend
  • Exclusive use of our battery hire scheme
  • Advice & technical tips
  • Owners' Club discount scheme


Organised by Rutland Cycling

As part of the Owners' Club, Rutland Cycling will organise a monthly MTB event as well as monthly leisure rides between the months of March and October. The MTB events will take place around the country whilst the leisure rides will depart from one of our stores. These rides will be published on the Owners' Club Facebook group and whilst we will now advertise them elsewhere, you are more than welcome to bring any friends along.

When a MTB ride is published, we'll also let you know details of what type of riding you can expect. We aim to make these rides suitable for all levels, as we will have people new to mountain biking joining all the time! Leisure rides will vary in length and terrain, but all will be routed on hard surfaces whilst aiming to be 90% traffic free. Again, since we welcome new riders to these events, they will be ridden at the pace of the slowest rider.

All rides are completely free to attend so you'll only need to bring some loose change for parking and a slice of cake.

Organised by you!

Alongside the events that we'll organise, we encourage you to share your riding plans with the group. Riding with someone is so much more fun and gets you out more! You will be able to create an event on the Facebook group to advertise where you're going and try and get a few of your fellow club members to join you.

Advice & Technical Help

At Rutland Cycling we'll do our utmost to help you out with any queries or technical questions that you may have, and you can contact us via Live Chat, email, or phone. If, however, you have an issue out of our normal office hours hopefully this community can help! Please feel free to share your questions and either one of our team or one of your fellow e-bikers should be able to provide advice.

Free Demo Bike Usage

Owners' Club members will have free access to our demo fleet for Rutland Cycling organised rides & events. This offer also extends to any family or friends that you invite along to the ride.

This will be dependent upon availability and cannot be used outside of the dates that the ride/event is run, and bikes will be brought to the ride/event by a Rutland Cycling employee rather than posted to your address. All of the bikes will be fully checked over before riding and will come fully charged - we only ask that if you have time at the end of the ride to give the bikes a scrub down!

Spare Battery Hire Scheme

Our battery hire scheme will be announced shortly, and will only be available to existing customers.

Owners' Club Discounts

Members of the Owners' Club will be given exclusive access to specific E-Bike discounts that won't be published on our website - they're just for you!

How do I join?

The Rutland Cycling E-Bike Owners' Club is a closed group on Facebook. To join, you'll need a Facebook account and once you have requested to join the group one of our team will verify that you are an existing customer and grant you access.

Join the Club >>>

Find your nearest E-Bike centre

If you're not currently an electric bike owner but are keen to find out more, head to one of our E-Bike centres where our expert staff will be on hand to answer any questions.