#TeamRutland | Endura MT500 Waterproof Mountain Biking Jacket Review

Words by Tom Worsfold

on 31/01/2020 17:10:23


Words by #TeamRutland ambassador Chris Teagles


Reviewed: The Endura Waterproof MT500 Jacket

We've had some pretty perfect conditions for testing a waterproof mountain biking jacket these last few months, so I was over the moon when I got my Endura MT500 jacket to test out. It's been a few months now and I am seriously impressed.

Its something I turned my nose up at the thought of buying a while back, perfectly content with just donning a 'normal' waterproof jacket when the weather was really bad. But this jacket is so much more suited to purpose, I haven't really found a reason to take it off.


Features and Fit

The moment I put it on I realised just how well thought out the jacket is, from the short front which means it doesn't bunch up when you sit on a bike, to the handy inner sleeves with thumb holes to help keep the jacket in place as you ride. A load of great sized pockets, a good level of adjustment and a big hood (easy to get over a helmet) that can be stowed away relatively easily.

The material its constructed out of is tough, breathable and incredibly comfy with a generous fit, you can add base layers to make sure you can adapt to any temperature. Even on warm days after some tough climbs I didn't feel like I was being cooked alive in a bin bag. It's rare to find a waterproof jacket that you enjoy wearing.

The fit is great, it's not baggy and most importantly it doesn't rustle whenever you move, it honestly feels more like a softshell jacket - with the added benefit of being incredibly waterproof.




Endura MT500 Waterproof Jacket

The ultimate, award-winning performance MTB jacket with monster breathability and packed with features. This is the go-to jacket for Youtube sensation Danny MacAskill, whether in his home of the Scottish Highlands or the heights of Mt Kilimanjaro, locations where only the best will do. Look to this jacket if you are looking to stay dry in even the worst conditions a Welsh trail centre could throw at you!

  • Waterproofing: 18000
  • Breathability: 64000
  • Stretch panelling
  • ExoShell60� 3-Layer waterproof fabric, taped seams
  • Large underarm zipped venting
  • Reflective trims on hood, cuff and tail
  • Front pockets, hidden internal flap pocket and sleeve lift pass pocke

Waterproofing and Breathability Explained:

Waterproof ratings are taken from hydrostatic head tests measured under lab conditions. The fabric is put under the strain of 5000mm, 10,000mm, 20,000mm and so on until it allows water through the fabric, at which point the fabric would fail the test.

In short, a higher number such as those seen on Gore Tex apparel or the 18k found on the MT500 jacket tested is much more water resistant than a lower number. Breathability is measured in a similar format, with the number measuring grams of water that can escape the jacket and again the higher the number, the more breathable the fabric.

Look for 10k waterproofing and above if you're looking to head outside no matter the weather, and if you're living in high-rainfall areas such as Wales & Scotland definitely look to the MT500 range.



Typically the day we did the photoshoot for the jacket it didn't rain, but the amount of water this jacket repelled is substantial. Any mountain biker will tell you, it's not just rain it's also mud which is arguably worse

This jacket keeps it all at bay, keeping the rest of my layers warm, clean and dry. A quick rinse with a hose in the garden, it dries out nice and quick and you are ready to go again. I think it's probably helped extend the life of my washing machine substantially.

There are so many simple features of this jacket that make it excel in a real world environment. This is what's so great about a good quality jacket. You shouldn't really notice it. It's not something you are excited to use, it's not going to change your life, but what it does allow you to do is get out and enjoy the sport you love in any weather conditions in absolute comfort.

Photo credit: Marcus Charter

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