Frog Bikes Expanding with New Factory in South Wales

Words by Aaron Scott

on 12/02/2016 15:28:59

Frog Bikes Expanding with New Factory in South Wales

Our friends over at Frog Bikes, the makers of lightweight children's bicycles, is to onshore its bike production by setting up a brand new factory in South Wales - its first manufacturing facility in the UK. The new facility in Torfaen will lead to the creation of up to 50 new jobs and shift Frog Bikes' supply chain into the UK for the first time, with the first Frog Bikes due to come off the new UK production line this summer.

The new operation will enable us to be more responsive to the market, have more control over quality, introduce innovations faster, reduce our environmental footprint, and create jobs to benefit the UK economy. There were times during 2015 when we couldn't keep up with demand, and customers were left disappointed. We recognised that the time had come to re-shore our production model.

Jerry Lawson, Co-founder of Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes is the brainchild of husband and wife, Jerry and Shelley Lawson and when they started to teach their own children to cycle, they felt that most kids' bikes in the market were heavy and poorly designed. Working in conjunction with the likes of Brunel University sports scientists and Team GB Olympic bike designer Dimitris Katsanis, Frog Bikes has continually evolved with the aim of being as comfortable and efficient as possible for young riders.  Frog Bikes was recently recognised as the Export Business of the Year at the Start-ups Awards in 2015, reflecting the ever expanding reach of Frog bikes.

Their latest expansion is thanks to £1.7 million in funding from HSBC and the Welsh Government, who are delighted to see Frog's production line moving to the UK.

We are proud to have helped Frog move their production line into the UK, as this benefits the entire regional economy. Complemented by the additional funding from the Welsh Government, I have no doubt 2016 will see the business flourish to new heights.

Arjan Van Den Berkmortel, Regional Head of Business Banking for HSBC

I am delighted to welcome Frog Bikes to Wales and pleased support from the Welsh Government helped secure this project for Wales where it will create a significant number of jobs in Torfaen.

Edwina Hart, Welsh Government Economy Minister

Frog Bikes 2016

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