Frog Bikes. For your Tadpoles.

Words by Aaron Scott

on 01/04/2014 15:05:09

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Easter is a great opportunity to get your kids into cycling. The weathers on the up and the sudden influx of chocolate will give them boundless energy. But the big question that every parent faces is which bike to get for their tadpoles. Although the cheapest option might seem appealing, it's important to remember that with cycling - as with anything - you get what you pay for. If the bike you choose for your kids is too heavy, has dodgy gears, doesn't fit, or has weak brakes then instead or inspiring your child to become the next Bradley Wiggins, they're simply going to want to put their bike in the shed and leave it there to get used as something you rest the lawnmower up against.

However there are some genuinely good - no - brilliant kids bikes on the market today and one of the newest and best (in our opinion) is Frog. Frog is a small British company who specialise in making high end children's bikes. Many bike companies will boast about making 'small adult bikes' however Frog takes this concept a step further. Frog produce nine different sizes in their kids bike range, which is considerably more than most other kids and adult bikes on the market. They also customise crank lengths on each of their bikes and the brakes levers are smaller to allow for smaller hands. The frames are one of the lightest kids' frames available; made from lightweight aluminium and each of their bikes also comes in a great range of colours to suit every taste. Check out the range of Frog bikes here.