Frog Bikes releases new 'Push the Limits' range

Words by Harry Archer

on 15/02/2018 13:56:57


There is fantastic news for families whose ever-growing kids have almost outgrown their Frog Bikes, with the company adding four new models to their product range. The all new 'Push The Limits' (PTL) range is designed specifically to cater to the child that may be out-riding their current technology, but aren't quite ready for adult geometry bikes. The desire for the 'in-between' bike ranges for the younger teenage market (8-14 years old) has massively increased over the last few years, with an established demand for quality kids bikes with components designed specifically for children at every age and size. Tested to the same ISO standards as an adult mountain bike, the PTL models feature a huge amount of innovation - not just mechanically but also aesthetically, loosing the �splodges� that have become synonymous with the smaller sized Frog Bikes.

Frog Bikes Push The Limits

�We have spent considerable time developing this range and have paid particular attention to child specific components such as the brake levers and air suspension forks with lockout and damping control. The MTBs have also been ISO tested to adult MTB standards, so we can be confident of their quality and endurance.�

- Dr Tom Korff, Head of Research and Development, Frog Bikes

The PTL range consists of a larger hybrid and three MTBs in bold unisex colours. Perfectly designed to hit the trails, the PTL MTB range takes cycling adventures to the next level, all geared towards off-road cycling. With junior specific components, including a tailored suspension fork, these mountain bikes provide a smoother ride for the junior shredder. Thanks to ultra-lightweight and rider specific frames, the rider experiences smoother downhill control via the use of hydraulic disc brakes and impactful suspension forks all whilst tackling those uphill climbs like a champ. The sporty hybrid, available in four striking colours, perform excellently whether it's on the trails or riding to school, providing a smooth and effortless ride with its lightweight frame and patented crank. These bikes are sure to get the younger rider further - faster than ever before!

Unique Features

The PTL range is cleverly designed to offer the best riding experience possible to the lighter and smaller rider that the product is aimed at:

Suspension Fork

Frog have worked with a hand-picked OEM fork manufacturer to develop junior-specific suspension forks specifically for Frog Bikes. As such, these forks are Frog-branded but are designed by a manufacturer that has many years' experience making forks for global bike brands. There are two different forks, one for the 24" wheel (65mm travel) and another for the 26" wheel (100mm), with each MTB fork weighing 1.7kg and fitted with a lockout function - the hybrid features the same rigid fork found on the wider Frog range. Air sprung (air forks are lighter, more responsive and more easily adjustable (but also more expensive) than spring forks which are heavier, harder to adjust and tune for children),the forks are very responsive at the low pressure levels allowing for an appropriate amount of travel even for the lighter riders, with the 26� forks also coming with adjustable rebound control. Furthermore, The arch is situated behind (rather than in front) of the fork, which provides more stability and stiffness as well as a reduction in weight. In addition, it helps to protect the fork seals from debris.

The forks have a two year warranty, having undergone rigorous safety and performance testing, with both forks being tested by children of different weights at various air pressures. In the tests carried out, the Frog Fork was found to be the most responsive (in terms of travel at the low pressure settings), which suggests that the fork is suitable for lower weight riders who might not be able to apply a large amount of force on the fork. They will still be able to achieve a suitable amount of travel to ensure an appropriate amount of shock absorption. This all sounds very promising, as one of the problems seen across the market within junior mountain bikes ranges is that the suspension forks are not designed to cope with the low body weight of young riders and therefore are not as plush and efficient as they could be, negatively impacting the experience for the rider as a result.

Frog Bikes Push The Limits Fork

Frame & Geometry

The PTL range features a child-specific, lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame that is refined with FrogFit Technology� to produce a frame that is perfectly fitted to a child's specifications. Frog meticulously conduct experiments and tests at their in-house laboratory in order to produce the ideal geometries for the children's market based on scientific data. The unique, patented cranks are junior specific, with reduced q-factor for easier, more efficient pedalling. In addition, the PTL range is supplied with a accessible and ergonomic quick release on the seat post, internal routing and an oversized,lightweight handlebar and stem to provide quick, stiff handling and extra stability round the corners. The pedals are made with recycled rice husks which not only shows Frog's longstanding commitment to sustainable manufacturing, but also their brilliant design quality as the pedals are also very lightweight, grippy and strong enough to ensure they'll never snap, crackle or pop when you're out on a ride. The MTB range comes with high-quality Kenda 1.95" tyres, with the 78 hybrid supplied with both an on and off road specific tyre (as seen on the wider Frog range) to increase the versatility of that particular model.

  • Frog MTB 62 - Ages 8-10 , Weight approx. 11.3kg
  • Frog MTB 69 - Ages 10-12 , Weight approx. 11.4kg
  • Frog MTB 72 - Ages 13+ , Weight approx. 11.5kg
  • Frog Hybrid 78 - Ages 13+ , Weight approx. 9.9kg


The MTB range is fitted with a 9-speed Shimano groupset with rapid fire shift levers. This gearing system has a wide enough range to allow for off-road riding whilst the single chain-ring set up ensures that the rider will have quick,easy access to their full range of gears and maintenance of the groupset is kept to a minimum. The single chain ring will also keep the chain high off the ground, giving the bike better clearance - vital for a smaller geometry off-road bike. The easy-reach, junior-specific hydraulic Tektro brakes give reliable and strong stopping power and are tuned and positioned for the junior rider, requiring less force to engage the brake and bringing the levers forward so that the rider can get a firm and stable grip onto the lever when they need to stop themselves. The 78 Hybrid features a 1x8 Shimano drivetrain and rim brakes. This has been done to keep the overall weight of this model down, as disc brakes, suspension forks and wider tyres aren't qualities necessarily required from a hybrid whereas fast-rolling, lightweight and versatile qualities definitely are.

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The 'Push The Limits' Range for 2018

Frog Bikes 78 2018 26 Inch Kids Hybrid Mountain Bike

Frog Bikes 78 2018 26 Inch Kids Hybrid Bike

Building on the success of the Frog 72, the new Frog Bikes 78 is part of the new Push The Limits range that offers a more adult riding experience with the youth friendly geometry and quality you can expect from a Frog.

  • Frame - 6061-T6 Heat Treated Double Butted Aluminium
  • Fork - 6061-T6 Heat Treated Aluminium
  • Drivetrain - Shimano Altus 8 Speed
  • Brakes - Tektro 836AL Calliper

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