Frog Bikes Size Guide

Frog Bikes Sizing Guide

In this guide, we show you how to find the right size Frog Bike for your child. Helping your little ones build their confidence and enjoy their first experiences of cycling is so important - it sets them up for a lifetime of healthy, active living. Getting the right size of bike is crucial - we know that children grow up fast, but don't be tempted to pick a bike that your child will grow into - if the bike is too big, then it's going to be uncomfortable and difficult to control. This can really knock a child's confidence when they're just establishing their bike-riding skills. Good quality kids' bikes, like Frog Bikes, are fitted with a long seatpost, so there's plenty of scope to move the saddle up as your child grows.


About Frog Bikes Sizing

British brand Frog, make bikes for children from 2 to 14 years old, including balance bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes and even a junior track bike. Instead of relying on just your child's height to find the right bike, Frog use their inside leg measurement to ensure the perfect fit - and ensure there is always room to grow! This method is more accurate than simple age ranges and is easy to measure at home.

Each model of bike features a number - for example, the Frog 52. The number 52 refers to a child's inside leg measurement, in centimetres. This measurement is the minimum inside leg length, so once you've bought the bike, your child can still do plenty of growing before they get too big for it.

  • Frog 52 = child's inside leg measurement of 52cm
  • Frog 55 = child's inside leg measurement of 55cm
  • Frog 62 = child's inside leg measurement of 62cm
  • Etc.
Kids on Frog Bikes

How do I choose the right size Frog Bike?

Use these three easy steps to measure your child's inside leg length:

1. Stand your child against a wall in their socks. 2. Place a small book between their legs, as high as comfortable. 3. Ask your child to move away, and measure from the top of the book to the floor.

After you've got your measurements, use our handy sizing table below to find the perfect Frog Bike for your child. We've ensured that every bike that is recommended below will allow your child to comfortably and safely place their feet on the ground. If your child's inside leg measurement is between 52cm and 54cm, then they'll need the Frog 52. For an inside leg measurement of 55cm - 61cm, then it's the Frog 55, and so on.

  Average inside leg in cm (in) Approx age Wheel Size Frame Size
Tadpole Mini 24cm (9") 1-2 10"   
Tadpole 31cm (12") 2-3 12"  
Tadpole Plus 38cm (15") 3-4 14"
Frog 40 40cm (16") 3-4 14" 9"
Frog 44 44cm (19") 4-5 16" 9.5"
Frog 47 47cm (19") 4-6 18" 9.5"
Frog 52 52cm (20") 5-6 20" 10"
Frog 53 53cm (20") 5-7 20" 11"
Frog 55 55cm (22") 6-7 20" 11"
Frog 62 62cm (24") 8-10 24" 12"
Frog 69 69cm (27") 10-12 26" 14"
Frog 73 73cm (29") 12-14 26" 16"
Frog 78  78cm (31") 13+  26"  18" 
Frog Road/Track 58 58cm (23") 6-7 20" 11"
Frog Road/Track 67 67cm (26") 8-12 24" 14"
Frog Road/Track 70 70cm (27") 11-14 26" 17"
Frog MTB 62 62cm (24") 8-10 24" 12.5" 
Frog MTB 69  69cm (27") 10-12 26" 15"
Frog MTB 72  72cm (28")  13+  26"  16"

Buy online with peace of mind

Rutland Cycling is the world's largest Frog Bikes dealer. We stock the whole Frog range in store and online, and we also use Frog bikes on our award-winning cycle hire fleet. If you're buying a Frog Bike online, then the information above will help you order the right size child's bike. For ultimate peace of mind, Rutland Cycling offer a 90-day returns policy (for unused products), and a 30-day test ride, so if the bike isn't right for your child after having ridden it, you can exchange it for another model.If you've struggled with any of the steps above, you can visit any of our stores, where our helpful staff are fully trained in the art of children measuring.

Alternatively, if you've struggled with any of the steps above, you can visit any of our stores, where our helpful staff are fully trained in the art of children measuring.