Full Vel-Vos-ity.

Words by Aaron Scott

on 09/05/2014 15:39:28


This year saw the inaugural Women's Tour of Britain take place. This was a huge step forward in terms of competitive women's cycling in Britain and one that was well received. I'm struggling to think of a women's event that was given the same level of coverage as the male equivalent straight out of the gate, ITV4 giving the same commitment of coverage as it did to the men's version.

There are a number of female cyclist's that have now become 'household names' the majority of those for us are British women or their international nemeses. Marianne Vos falls into the latter category, thwarting the British Gold Medal on Box Hill.

Vos is an absolute star on two wheels with a total of ten UCI World Championship titles under her belt.


Appearing at the Rutland Giant store after the first stage of the race Marianne faced her second toughest challenge of the day in taking questions from an eager public keen to meet a genuine walking (riding) cycling legend.

At the time of writing Vos has just taken victory in stage three (Armitstead still managing a forth despite a puncture late on) and now sits first in the general classification. A game plan appears to be playing out within the RaboLiv team and, if I was a gambling man, I would probably be putting money on a Dutch winner of the first British tour.