Gallery: Specialized Launch the S-Works Venge ViAS

Words by Aaron Scott

on 24/06/2015 11:20:00

Specialized Venge ViAS Launch

We've all heard the saying, "time is money," but over the years the true sentiment of this statement has been lost. What we mean to say is time is invaluable, it's always passing us by, and it's near impossible to regain. But what if riders could get time back while doing something they love? What if they could capture an extra five minutes over the course of an average ride?

When Specialized built their Win Tunnel in 2013, their goal was to not only provide riders with real world aerodynamic benefits, but to set a new benchmark in cycling aerodynamics. They wanted to push the boundaries of possibility, and provide riders with an advantage so great that they're not just cheating the wind, but time itself. After years of tireless effort, it's safe to say they've shattered the mould of both innovation and expectation with their latest products.

There are five revolutionary products, which according to Specialized, create a complete aerodynamic ecosystem: the S-Works Venge ViAS, Roval CLX 64 with S-Works Turbo tyres, S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit, S-Works 6 shoes, and the S-Works Evade helmet. Compared to standard road equipment, these products will apparently save the average rider more than five minutes over 40 kilometers when used together.

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????? 5/5 From BikeRadar Review

Be sure to check out BikeRadar's First Look review of the S-Works Venge ViAS where the bike is scored 5/5 in their test!

It is almost certainly the fastest road bike I have ever ridden, and a fun bike to ride at that. It sets a new high mark for aero road bikes in terms of low drag and high performance

Ben Delaney, BikeRadar

In Pictures

Five products that'll save you five minutes on an average ride�it's a complete aerodynamic ecosystem designed for uncompromising speed. Individually, they flex serious aero muscle, with each standing as the fastest we've ever produced in their respective category. But together, they're a veritable Aero Armada that's so fast, so effective that it only leaves room for one question: What are you going to do with your newfound five minutes?

S-Works Venge ViAS

Intense scrutiny during its Win Tunnel development led to the S-Works Venge ViAS being 120 seconds faster than a Tarmac SL4 over 40 kilometres. Rider-First Engineered� frame and fork ensures consistent performance, regardless of frame size. Fork lateral rigidity has been increased by 30%, guaranteeing sharper, more precise handling.

Specialized Venge ViAS Close Up

Specialized Venge ViAS First Pictures

Roval CLX 64 & S-Works Turbo Tyres

Developed in Specialized's Win Tunnel, and designed to interface with the world's fastest tire, the S-Works Turbo, the CLX 64 is the fastest road race wheel/tire system ever developed.

Specialized Venge ViAS Roval Wheels

S-Works Evade Helmet

The S-Works Evade mimics the profile shape of our S-Works McLaren TT helmet, drastically reducing aerodynamic drag. Compared to a S-Works Prevail, the Evade saves 46 seconds over 40 kilometres.

S-Works Evade Helmet

S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit

An imprecise fit results in fabric bunching, and this contributes to lost seconds. To remedy this, the S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit comes in eleven sizes in order to provide a next-to-custom level of fit. Cuff-less welded sleeve opening construction ensures optimal comfort and enhanced aerodynamics. A full front zipper adds to the versatility and comfort of the skinsuit.

S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit

S-Works 6 Shoes

Powerline carbon outsole is asymmetrically optimized, and with a Stiffness Index rating of 13.0, it's our most rigid offering. The PadLock� heel system combines a drastically tapered, engineered heel cup with moulded pads that lock the foot into place. Scientifically-tested by the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to improve acceleration to peak power over its predecessor.

S-Works 6

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