Genesis Equilibrium 00... Steel is Real

Words by Mark

on 30/10/2013 14:35:21

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As the well used saying goes; 'Steel is real'. In this post staff rider Mark takes a closer look at Genesis' steel offering, the Equilibrium 00.

When you think of steel bikes you think of heroic audax rides, a rider pulling bravely through the rain and fog and great, grand tour battles. I don't mean tour battles where a skinny rider sits behind a team and coasts to victory, I mean battles between riders who stuffed newspapers down their jerseys, changed cogs with calloused hands before another murderous climb and quaffed champagne after every hard fought day with comrades who would become enemies the next day.

Riders on steel know their stuff. That guy on the carbon featherweight maybe hurling himself up that climb but if he rode your bike it would kill him. He hasn't got 'the stuff'.


Genesis bikes have produced a looker of a steel framed bike this year. The Equilibrium; (£549.99) features a Reynolds 520 tubing is designed to be a reliable and durable machine.

The Equilibrium runs with Shimano Sora 3500 9 speed on a compact chainset for efficient climbing with little loss on top speed.


The 520 tubing rolls wonderfully on the road with a typical steel spring edge and feels secure and planted in the corners which makes for nice change of a carbon back end skipping on a wet and greasy surface. 47mm brake callipers and mudguard eyes on the fork and rear enable 'proper' mudguard clearance. If you're looking for a winter trainer to stop the real road miles dropping off this season you'd be mad not to take a look.

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