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Giant Defy Range Guide

The 2021 Giant Defy range has been crafted to absolute perfection with the idea of long days in the saddle at mind. With the choice of 2 Models of bike, the Advanced and the Advanced Pro , and all models constructed of high-grade carbon composite alongside a ready-to-ride specification - you really can't go wrong with a Defy. Thanks to integrated D-fuse seatpost and handlebars, you can easily put down 100 miles on a sunday morning and get out the saddle still feeling stoked and refreshed.


Frame & Geometry

All bikes in the range come with Giant's own Advanced Grade Composite frame, this material gives you a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, perfect for sprinting and climbing out of the saddle. The front triangle of these bikes are assembled and moulded as one piece of carbon, this is called a modified monocoque construction. The Defy range also comes as a compact road design, this translates to a smaller front and rear triangle for a lighter, stiffer bike, this is created by a sloping downtube.

OverDrive features in this range, this is an oversized fork steerer tube giving the rider better steering performance and stiffness, essentially, you get a more responsive feel from your handlebars when sprinting and climbing hard up hills. Also featured in the Defy range is D-Fuse handlebars and seatposts. All bikes in the range have internal cabling, this means a cleaner looking bike. All bikes in the range feature Giants own Powecore bottom bracket, this is an oversized BB/chainstay area which provides even more stiffness on both the driveside and non-driveside.

D-Fuse componentry was created to absorb shocks and vibrations, increasing comfort when out cycling on the road. This is definitely necessary on British country roads! When combined together, the D-Fuse handlebars and seatpost work together at two key contact points to reduce your discomfort in the saddle. The D-Fuse seatpost allows for 12mm of flex and the handlebars give you 10% more downward compliance and 30% more upward stiffness.

Overall, the geometry of this bike alone allows for rider to be placed in a comfortable riding position, which may not be the most aerodynamic at times but allows for more miles to ridden. On the contrary, thats not to say that this bike isn't fast. The frame allows for the power transfer to be as smooth as possible through the drivetrain and reduced chainstay length. This allows for power to be put down efficiently, when needed, allowing for precison performance during sportives and Gran Fondos.

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Top class componentry

With a top class frame as the beating heart of these bikes, it's obvious they need to be fitted with high performing componentry to create a bike capable of hundreds of miles. With the base model, Defy Advanced 3, coming equipped with Tiagra as standard - it's clear it's only going to get better from there. To match the geometry of the bike, Giant have ensured they have chosen efficient drivetrains capable of shifting under pressure and delivering power to the rear wheel as best as possible. The Defy Advanced Pro 1 is equipped with SRAM AXS Etap which is SRAM's own electronic shifting system which has been proven as very efficient when under heavy load.

Giant Defy Advanced

The Giant Defy Advanced range is the orignal and standard set up of frame and forks constructed from Advanced Grade Composities which has a high stiff to weight ratio which is what makes this the perfect endurance bike. No matter if you are using it for Sunday club rides or a Sportive event, you can't complain at the comfort and efficieny you recieve from the Defy. It really is Defying limits.

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Giant Defy Advanced Pro

The Giant Defy Advanced Pro is exactly the same frame but comes equipped with full carbon steerer, as opposed to the hybrid version found on the Advanced range. Giant really aren't messing around with their Advanced Pro range, with all models coming equipped with carbon wheels.



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